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I did a lot of editing here from autumn 2005 up to 2007. These days I just drop by.

My contributions are mostly on 16th century Irish history, the great tale. My pet pages are Spanish Armada in Ireland and Essex in Ireland, but collaborators are needed to bring those articles up to featured quality. I also set up the Wikipedia category, People of Elizabethan Ireland [1] (original page moved to new title by administrator) - this has been converted to a Wikipedia book (26 June 2014).


Is there a set period for the waves of argument that hit the Talk:Adolf Hitler page? Every 3 months, I reckon.

Two cents:

The funniest part of WP is not the Bad Jokes section - too many wheezing, overworked parodies. Lamest Edit Wars is much better - you get to eavesdrop on bitchy editors who take things kind of .... personally.

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