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File:Shujaat.pngShujaat Ali Shujaat Ali (Rawalpindi,August 18,1971) is a Pakistani political cartoonist. Shujaat Ali lives in Doha /Qatar and his politcal animations started appearing on the website of Aljazeera News Channel in 2002. He studied science at Gordon College and was a staff cartoonist for the The News International Islamabd.

Early Professional Career 1992-2000 Shujaat emerged as the first staff cartoonist of English daily newspaper THE NEWS INTERNATIONAL Islamabad for the very first time in 1992 and considered to be the youngest editorial cartoonist.

Awards in cartooning

Right from his first year award as political cartoonist he earned six consecutive national and international best cartoonist awards. In 1993 international award from Iran and 1997 international MANGA award from JAPAN.

1996-Recognition as the first aviation cartoonist

Shujaat is considered to be the first aviation cartoonist in Pakistan recognised by the Pakistan Air Force in 1996.His unique style of aviation cartoons were published in the Flight Safety Newsletter of Pakistan Air Force under the caption of " HUMOUR IN SAFETY" till 2000.

1993-Recognition as the first court-room artist of Pakistan

Shujaat is a pioneer of court-room art in Pakistan.His talent was recognised by the Supreme Court Of Pakistan in 1993.

2002-First political cartoonist of Aljazeera News Channel (political animations)

In 2002 Shujaat became the first political cartoonist of Aljazeera ,started doing political animations in Flash since 2003 and now considered to be the second person in the world of 2D-political animators with Mark Fiore of U.S.

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