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Shujenchang and Jimmy Wales.JPG
Shujenchang and Jimmy Wales in Wikimania 2014.
(More photos of this Wikimedian...)

About me[edit]

I am a Wikipedian who lives in Australia, and originally from China.


If you have some Wikimedia Projects related issues need to contact with me, you can just leave a message on my talk page. If you have some emergency issues or just want to talk with me (for something unrelated to Wikimedia Projects), you can contact me by IMs on my contact page. For some private talk, you can also email me.

Besides that, welcome to add me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter (most of my tweets are written in Chinese). My Facebook and Twitter can be found on User:Shujenchang/Contact#SNS.

Wikimedia Events[edit]

Wikimania 2012[edit]


Wikipedian meetups I have attended:

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