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Welcome to my page! I created this account in 2006, but I didn't really begin to learn the ropes until mid-2008. After much reading of Category:Wikipedia_fauna soul searching, I have come to realize that I am most comfortable being a WikiSloth. At times, when the mood strikes, I do substantial edits but for the most part I plod along doing small improvements to existing articles. I like working according to the BOLD, revert, discuss cycle, and to use talk pages to find consensus and input from other editors. I have also done quite a lot of draft editing in subpages to my userspace.

The lovely picture above was taken by User:Naturenet. I wanted some pretty trees on my userpage, and I am grateful to him for donating it to commons.

I have uploaded a whole bunch of the images by Beatrix Potter, including Peter Rabbit.

Articles I helped promote to good article status:

Articles I created:

Articles I have substantially expanded or reworked:

Some other articles I have worked on, restructured or expanded to a lesser extent:

I have also spent a lot of time sorting out Category:Toys.

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A frog, hopefully not waiting to be boiled.

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