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The Bois de Boulogne in Paris
Saiho-ji, or the moss garden, in Kyoto, from Japanese gardens.
Ryoan-ji garden
Murin-an garden in Kyoto
One of the Fontaines de la Concorde in Paris
Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, in Upper Provence
The Old Port of Toulon
Le Thoronet Abbey
Mistral wind blowing near Marseille.
The Russian Church in Sofia, Bulgaria

I am from California, and currently live in France.

I served as a diplomat in Paris, and I like to write about its history, people, and its fountains, parks and gardens. I began the articles on Architecture of Paris, Paris during the First World War, Paris in the ''Belle Époque'', Paris under Louis-Philippe, Paris during the Restoration, Paris in the 18th century, Paris under Napoleon, Paris in the Middle Ages, and Paris during the Second Empire and contributed to the articles on Paris, the History of Paris, Napoleon III and the Paris Commune. I also contributed to the articles on the History of Parks and Gardens of Paris and Fountains in Paris, and the individual articles on many of the notable parks and fountains.

I have also contributed to many articles on the major colors; I like to explore the history, art, culture, science, and symbolism belonging to every color.

I like to write about gardens, because they're a form of art which expresses beautifully the culture and aesthetics of their place and time, and because they're very pleasant to visit and write about. I've learned a great deal about Japanese history, literature, art and philosophy by studying and writing about Japanese gardens. I visited Kyoto many years ago and came back with a very strong impression from the serenity and careful composition of the gardens.

I also like to write about Provence, because it reminds me of Southern California, where I grew up, and because I love the medieval monasteries and cathedrals (none of those in Southern California), the Roman ruins, the clarity of the light there, the sound of the Mistral wind, and the changing blue color of the Mediterranean in the early morning and after sunset.

I like to write about the fountains, because they're beautiful, serene, musical, and they're full of history.

I write sometimes about Russia, because I served in St. Petersburg (Europe's most beautiful city) and Moscow, and there are many connections with the United States. How many people realize that many of the treasures of the National Gallery in Washinigton used to be in the Hermitage, until Stalin sold them?

I sometimes write about San Francisco, because I used to live there. I wrote three books about San Francisco history, and it's the most beautiful city in the United States.

I'm interested in the computer game about Carmen Sandiego, because I worked with some very brilliant programmers and designers on its creation; I wrote the initial script for the game in 1985 and invented Carmen's name, before I went into the Foreign Service. They made her come to life.

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