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Siegfried Nugent
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My username? Its just querky and I somehow enjoy that...

I have a broad interests in NSW politics, Architecture, LGBT, educational, diplomatic, military, vice-regal, academic, cultural, historical and Australian politics articles. One pet project in particular is the recording of the histories and mayors of the abolished municipalities in Sydney, as well as their respective Town Halls and Council Chambers.

I try hard to ensure that I prevent any POV issues in my edits and do not accept biased edits from others, particularly if they hold similar allegiances or opinions. If you think an edit I have done has violated the neutrality required of every editor then by all means let me know and we can discuss it, rationally and calmly.

I'm a reasonable person and I will treat you thus, but if you treat me as an imbecile I will treat you the same, so let's be civil! If you have a concern or just want to talk about some edits, let me know on my talk page. ~ Siegfried Nugent

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Lived in: New South Wales Australian Capital Territory
Visited: Queensland Victoria (Australia) Western Australia South Australia Northern Territory Japan France Belgium New Zealand Thailand Singapore
Passed through: Malaysia
Planning: Italy Vatican City San Marino Switzerland Liechtenstein
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Wish list (Americas): Canada Chile Cuba Colombia Falkland Islands Bermuda Saint Helena