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I am an employee of Sierra Sciences, a biotech research company in Reno, Nevada, USA, founded with the mission to discover a medicine to prevent and/or reverse human aging.

I am also a somewhat experienced Wikipedian with about 2,500 edits on my other account, divided roughly evenly between mainspace and elsewhere. I have set up this single-purpose account for the purpose of making edits relevant to my work while keeping my personal and professional activities separate. I am familiar with and respect WP:SOCK and will never use my other account to create the appearance of consensus.

I work in an administrative position at Sierra Sciences - I am not a biologist. I do not consult the scientists about every edit I make; unless specifically stated otherwise in a talk page, my edits are not expert opinions - just standard lay edits based on available citations.

I intend, where appropriate, to provide information on Sierra Sciences' research in aging, cellular senescence, life extension, telomeres, telomerase, and other articles relating to the genetic basis of aging. Because the information in these articles tends to be mostly objective, I believe I will be able to avoid a conflict of interest in doing so.