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Milne-Edwards's Sifaka (Propithicus edwarsi)

About me[edit]

I am a junior at Duke planning on majoring in biophysics. I am an editor as of Feb 10, 2006. I love lemurs. I have been to Madagascar (where I studied the Milne-Edwards's Sifaka) and Costa Rica. I like to code in Java, but I can't do Web pages.

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Activity on Wikipedia[edit]

On Wikipedia, I want to focus on making articles more readable and clear. I would also like to add information to some of the lemur stubs. I like to answer science related questions on the science reference desk. I RC patrol on occasion during my non-existent free time. I watch all the days in the month of August for vandalism and non-notable additions. I like to be polite and relatively non-confrontational.

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Random info[edit]

This is an awesome visualization applet for 3-D magnetostatics

My Interests[edit]

  • Chemistry
  • Lemurs
  • Science in general
  • Arizona
  • Biology


Articles that need some major revisions[edit]

  • Endophyte - expansion utilizing the papers of Betsy Arnold as sources
  • Milne-Edwards's Sifaka - Needs some species specific information.
  • Filigree- needs some content and organizing
  • Oyster Mushroom - factual overhaul. There are three species called oyster mushrooms.
  • Just about every article dealing with plant physiology

This is the list of all the articles to which I added content or seriously revised. This does not include updates on related pages that relates back to the information I have included.

Major Revisions[edit]

The following is a list of articles which I have either created, significantly revised, or significantly improved by adding information.

  • Hammond's Postulate (February 19, 2006) I added the actual postulate, discussed what the postulate is saying, how it related to rate and ratios of products, how to explain unusual results in light of the postulate, and started at the history.
  • 2006 Duke University lacrosse team scandal (6 May 2006) I typed up a minute by minute time line of the events, added a few notes and a quote and made a references section to which I redirected all the references
  • Retrograde amnesia (12 May, 2006) I added some info about how the victims feel, a little info about the condition, and tried to deal with some plagiarism.
  • Milne-Edwards's Sifaka (May 12, 2006) I finally started it. I did the paragraph on locomotion on (May 12th, 2006) I may get aroung to the other parts.
(16 June 2009) I added geographic range and sympatric relations.
(17 April 2007) General mass cleanup to the article by moving and removing paragraphs, editing for style and clarity, and formatting.

Minor Revisions[edit]

The following is a list of the articles where I have added supplementary content without drastically changing the overall article

  • Tetrahydrofuran (11 February, 2006) added solvent properties
  • Indri (20 February, 2006) Added legend of Babakoto and a correction about the tail of the indri
  • Duke University (4 May, 2006) I redid the opening paragraph and added information about merit scholarships
  • Lemur (18 December 2006) I added an in pop culture section add a couple instances
(8 April 2007) Added information to the biology section
(8 April 2007) I rearranged the opening and restored a large amount of text that went missing.
(22-23 January 2008) Rebalance of article by removal of weasel words and undue weight given to fringe views, sourcing of many citation needed statements
(February 2008 - March 2008, April 2009) Practically edit marathons, relatively speaking
  • Noah's Ark Zoo Farm (April 2008) Adding appropriate scientific skeptical information and attempting to improve tone and article flow


April Fools 2006 modification to Question Mark: might I have changed every sentence into a question? Beware of the wiki lemur!


Random useful info for anyone who stumbles here[edit]


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More advanced than basic?[edit]

  • Reference templates will allow you to cite references in a consistent fashion.
  • You can create subpages of your user page such as User:(your user name)/(name of what you want the subpage to be). An example for me might be User:Sifaka/test. To create it you edit in it and save it - it's just like making a new article. You can work on copies of new articles here before putting them in the mainspace
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