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I'm silas619. I started using Wikipedia since i was a first year student in high school. Since then I sporadically edit various articles usually pertaining to music. I go by other usernames in other sites.

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I started the Gold (The Allman Brothers Band album) page, added some hefty contributions to In Memory of Elizabeth Reed and Statesboro Blues.You may not see my name in the history but I added a lot there. I also did some stuff for The Allman Brothers Band article. I also added some stuff in The Band article, and some other articles i can't remember. I also did the genre infobox for Southern Rock, so if you see any error, change it, be my guest. I also created the Hot 'Lanta article. That page needs some fixing, so if you see anything i missed, please edit the article.


I like music . My three favorites are The Allman Brothers Band, The Who and The Band. I also listen to blues, jazz and occasionally world music. My other favorites are Paco De Lucia, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan,The Beatles and The Blues Brothers Band. I play harmonica. I guess

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that counts me as a musician of sorts. But I can't read sheet music. I don't even get music theory. If I was given a chance to learn another instrument it would be the piano or an organ.