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Salutations, dearest visitor! I am SILENCE (pronounced // (deprecated template)), a copyeditor and administrator. Let's be friends!   :D

Most of my work on Wikipedia involves copy-editing for spelling, grammar, clarity, and word choice, though I'll work on pretty much anything I stumble onto, if I feel I can be of help. If you desire my assistance with any article, my opinion on any issue, or are just seized with soul-crippling undelight and want to amuse yourself posting on my talk page, dally not! I am your most happy servant!

I have been using Wikipedia since early 2004; I made my first edit with this account at 06:19, July 12, 2004, a characteristically trivial and style-oriented one to an arbitrary article. I gained early experience as an admin on a humor Wiki in December 2004, and after exploring Wikipedia for some time, I at last become an (over-)active contributor in August 2005.

My interests include science and philosophy, religion and mythology, linguistics and debate, psychology and neurology, sociology and classics, love and music, art and madness. However, my favorite pastime is editing articles I have no initial interest in.

Articles I've substantially edited include:

Algerian Civil War · Anakin Skywalker · Ancient Rome · Anemoi · Atheism · Capitoline Triad · Charles Darwin · Chronology of Jesus · Cross · Early life of Hugo Chávez · Etruscan mythology
Evolution · Evolution of the eye · Evolution of the horse · Heart (symbol) · Historicity of Jesus · History of Poland (1945–1989) · History of Rome · House of Leaves · Hugo Chávez
Human · Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 · Intelligent design · Iphigenia (film) · Iranian peoples · Irreducible complexity · Jesus · Joan of Arc · Katamari Damacy · Latin
List of characters in The Sandman · List of Latin phrases · Love · Lucifer · Meat · Mercury (mythology) · Miles Davis · Objections to evolution · Peppered moth · Peppered moth evolution
Persian Empire · Rosa Parks · Saffron · Scientology · Spaghettification · Tamil people · The Trouble With Atheism · Vestigiality · Victor Hugo · Virgil · Witching hour

Background and beliefs[edit]

I am a heterosexual male. I come from a caucasian, upper-middle class family living in the eastern United States. I am ethnically Jewish, and of German-Lithuanian descent. I am a naturalistic secular humanist. I have no spiritual or religious beliefs, though I try to keep an open—and critical—mind regarding all possibilities. Give me good reasoning or evidence, and I just might change this paragraph! Being a natural skeptic, I'm quite fond of questioning even my own deeply-held views lest I fall into self-deception. Also, I just love learning about others' beliefs. I am an anachronistic progressive, a jubilant, life-loving cynic, and a pragmatic idealist. Loving compassion is my end and my beginning, my foundation and my aspiration.

Editing attitudes[edit]

I was first attracted to Wikipedia because of the wealth of information here, most of it needing tidying and cleaning-up to be more presentable. I've been a compulsive editor for several years now, so Wikipedia provides me with an easy way to slake my obsession for improving text. I am more of a preservationist, an inclusionist, and especially a mergist than a deletionist.. though most of my votes on TfD tend to be "delete" for some reason. I am also an eventualist, a saltationist, a consequentialist, an isolationist, an ismist, a Trotskyist, and a sispistisktist. Sorry I just spat on your face. :(

I am always open to, or at the very least interested in, new ideas. If I come on a little strong to you or seem too sure of myself, it's not because I think that I am infallible (or that anyone else is), but rather because I'm eager to put my ideas to the test in conversation and debate so that I can learn whether my ideas have any merit. As such, please do let me know if you disagree with me on any topic! Worry not about offending me, regardless of the subject. Here's a potato.

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