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Articles I have created[edit]

Articles I have made significant improvements to[edit]

  • Bully The article was a bit of a mess to begin with, but has suddenly been dominated by a couple of well meaning, agenda driven, newbies; it needs some input from experienced editors to get it into shape
  • Dwarfism Has entries for people who do not meet the criteria for Dwarfism
  • Greer, South Carolina Article was heading for the Wikitionary graveyard
  • Homo erectus Non coherent in places--reads like a 9th grader wrote it
  • Modern Spain seems to be little more than the succeding election results after 1978, and the whole article needs cleaning
  • Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists So much information has been added into this article, and a lot of it repeats itself or seems to wonder into the realm of bias. The whole thing was written like college notes, and the citations are wrong
  • Phulkari Grammar in dire need of correction
  • Politician Definition renders whole article unsound see objections at Talk:Politician#Definition
  • Tzolk'in Article lacks significant sources and cannot be verified
  • Yankee Stadium Missing a few important facts

Articles I plan on improving[edit]

Articles I plan on writing[edit]

Current Wiki Projects[edit]

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