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Hello, and welcome to El Gosiengfiao's (a.k.a. Silentaria) userpage. El is a 26-year-old Ateneo de Manila University graduate (major in BFA Information Design, minor in Japanese Studies) who currently works as a Junior Editor for a digital marketing company, and has been a part of the Wikipedia community since 25 August 2006.

She is interested in various subjects, including fantasy, art and art history, anime/manga, comics, video games, literature, and more.

She tries her best to do more for Wikipedia by helping improve articles about topics that she loves (while avoiding things like fancruft, of course). When she isn't working on articles about things she likes, she clicks on the random article link to find articles to improve.

Click here to see her Wikistats, and here if you want to visit her other websites.


Articles El Made Major Edits On[edit]

(Article names in bold indicate articles El created.)

El's Wiki To-Do List[edit]

This page's design is based on Phadriel's own lovely userpage, as well as the other userpages that she designed.