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Wiki editing[edit]

Wikipedia is wonderful.

I started here in January 2006 and soon got hooked. And I haven't destroyed the place yet - it's still here every time I wake up, no matter what I do to it!

My Wiki-editing approach is that Wikipedia is like a house being built by the community, and I'm putting my brick in the wall as I pass on by - though sometimes I will linger and lay a whole line of bricks. I think of myself primarily as an editor, though I do get involved in the back-stage maintenance stuff like writing guidelines, closing AfDs and other discussions, helping out in dispute resolution, !voting in RfA, reviewing Good Articles, archiving talkpages, etc, and sometimes I may do more maintenance than actual editing, though each action has its own value in building the project.

I enjoy giving and receiving awards. Even if the giving and receiving of awards may be fairly random at times, the support and praise of fellow Wikipedians is important. Give someone an award today! These are the random stars I have been given.

I am a supporter of the Good Article process: I have been involved in reviewing, editing and/or nominating around 180 articles. I have written 8 DYK articles, and took Covent Garden to Good Article then FA status.

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Rich Farmbrough 2 82 48 13 63 23:59, 4 July 2015 0 days, 5 hours no report
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