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Registering culminated from a very bored winter break.

Hey there, cutie.[edit]

Look to the right to see what I'm into.

  • I have really expansive music interests, but most of it lies in punk rock. I'll be the first to admit that it isn't the nicest or most tonal music out there, but the raw emotion and purpose behind it is why I find it so powerful (moreso than BABY BABY BABY OOHHHH).
    • However, I also like experimental rock, lots of indie, and many more.
    • I utterly cannot stand Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber, and I make no attempts to hide it. If that bothers you, then... well, I'll gladly motion you elsewhere. Seriously, they're horrible.

  • I'm a founding father of a Delta Chi fraternity chapter, and I'm having an awesome time in it.
  • I'm also pretty hipster. Oops.
  • I hate dicks, and if you act like one I'll make no means in restraining myself from telling you. I have pretty dick-ish moments too, but at least I recognize them.
    • But dicks can be kinda funny, like a confused puppy.

  • Politics is a horrid mess, especially in America.
    • Yes, I understand how cliche that sounds, but don't worry - I'm not another punk kid who's going against "The Man" because mommy didn't love him enough.
    • I've studied political geography, international affairs (with an emphasis on Europe), and the philosophy of culture, so I know a little bit.
  • I am intensely libertarian with a lean toward the conservative.
    • At my roots, I am an anarchist, but I fully recognize the inherent idealism and that it would never work, so for practicality I reconcile my beliefs with established political authority because it's the best we have.
  • I believe that the economy is the situation of power: whoever controls the economy controls the state, and that all state issues may be solved through economic measures (this means more than just exchanging money; read Freakonomics to see a little).

  • I am extremely introspective. I'm not reserved, but I do appreciate self-reflection and looking into oneself.
  • I try to find ways to live my life better and separate my mind and body so I don't fall into impulse (believe me, I've already been there and it is not a fun world).
  • I have a minor interest in linguistics; finding language parallels fascinates me, and I have no idea why.


If you want to work on something together, feel free to tell me. I'll pretty much work with anyone. I try to review articles involving areas (typically arts/culture) that I'm not at all familiar or extremely familiar with so I can see both sides of a possible reader.


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