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I'm on Wikibreak indefinitely
I am unhappy with the project and have cut back my time here to prioritise other stuff. If you leave a message on my talk page I should see it. Otherwise I am only checking Wikipedia every couple of weeks and making occasional edits

My name is Simon Lyall. I started contributing to Wikipedia in July 2004.

For more information about me see my homepage. I don't believe in putting 50 boxes all over this page to show my languages spoken, favourite browsers and the like.

As of January 2010 I have made around 6,500 edits to wikipedia.

Book Marks[edit]

Stuff I Have to remember to do[edit]

  • Move pages rather than copy content to a new page
  • Finish pages I start.

My Various User Pages[edit]

TODO - List of pages and ideas I could be working on in future.
testing - Testing stuff
My Talk page - I check wikipedia every day or two if you want to leave a message.

Main Pages/Areas I'm concentrating on right now[edit]

I mostly edit New Zealand related pages.

A quote[edit]

I used to be involved in Usenet a bit. Here is a quote that might be applicable to some who forget we're here to write an encyclopedia not debate their pet issues or form a social club.

"'s about damn time that all of us who actually give a damn about Usenet stand up and tell the people who don't to fuck off and die." -- Russ Allbery

A reference to the sounce