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A little bit about me[edit]

Hi my name is Simply south. I am an editor on Wikipedia and have been for many years. Despite the longevity, I once aspired to become an administrator although I don't now. My main interests are transport, geography and anything else that interests me. If you are wondering why I chose this name, it originated from a joke on a forum about my location, being in the south of the United Kingdom

Original userpage stuff[edit]

I am not this person or this person

Location: Herts, UK

Interests: Rail, geographical, other travel and transportation, historical, mainly UK but also I will edit beyond.

Joined: 30th March 2006.

User Page: Quietly changing. Please comment under talk.

ask first many times, act later... or b4... I am prone to spelling errors, but hey, who isn't?...

Hello Hi, I do not want to become an admin. I also love digging holes, or in this case dredging waterways.


  • For some things I have created and general other stuff see My Achievements. This has now branched to other aspects of my contributions
  • Gallery - things i have uploaded.
  • Sometimes it is necessary for me to edit under another account. My alternative, a pun on my original name, is Difficultly north (talk · contribs). Any queries there and here will be answered by either account.

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Even though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I fear no evil, for you are with me

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