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Simuliid is another name name of a type of biting fly better known as Black flies, which is indicative of my main Wikipedia interest in Insects, and Natural history more generally. I had been editing pages under IP for a long time prior to opening up my first account in Jan 2007, that account is now defunct as the user name gave too many personal details away, but that account gained over 1800 edits in a short time. I moved to this user name, and Conops. Not having heard of Sock puppets at the time, it was just handy to have two accounts, one for home, one for work. All this was in good faith, and nothing evil intended, but was soon made aware of my error. But this is how we grow on Wikipedia, we edit in good faith, someone will point out our errors, we learn, and both us, and Wikipedia improves.

If you are new to Wikipedia, accept that from time to time you will be taken to task, and don't take it too much to heart. Learn and move upwards. If you have been on here a while, please go gently on the new people, and leave them constructive, helpful feedback. Scolding a well intentioned user reflects badly on both you and the community.

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