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Wenn wir von den Enzyklopädisten reden hörten, oder einen Band ihres ungeheuren Werks aufschlugen, so war es uns zumute, als wenn man zwischen den unzähligen bewegten Spulen und Weberstühlen einer großen Fabrik hingeht, und vor lauter Schnarren und Rasseln, vor allem Aug' und Sinne verwirrenden Mechanismus, vor lauter Unbegreiflichkeit einer auf das Mannigfaltigste ineinander greifenden Anstalt, in Betrachtung dessen was alles dazu gehört, um ein Stück Tuch zu fertigen, sich den eigenen Rock selbst verleidet fühlt, den man auf dem Leibe trägt.
Goethe, Dichtung und Wahrheit
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This is the user page of Sindinero. I'd like to make Wikipedia a better, more useful resource by writing articles about topics I know, proofreading, fact-checking, making sure that any claims made are supported by evidence, and fixing articles that treat knowledge and marketing as somehow equivalent.

I think Wikipedia works well because it is a collaborative, open-ended work in progress—for this reason, I think that little steps (stubs, further reading sections, and maintenance, expand, translation, and WikiProject templates, for example) are better than none. I would prefer that it's clear to any reader of a given article that work needs to be done (and preferably that it's clear what kind of work needs to be done), rather than giving a false impression of completeness or accuracy. By the same token, however, it would be far better if a student looking online for information on a particular novel, for example, were to find the basics—author, country and year of publication, and genre—and a brief list of secondary sources than no information at all.

I tend to work mostly on articles on literature and culture (especially German literature and culture), but I'm also interested in radical politics and the history of the political left.

Note (to borrow a line): Everything on this page is for information purposes only. It isn't intended to establish any particular credentials or expertise. The philosophy of Wikipedia is that it is an encyclopedia that anybody can edit.

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