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I am against the linguistic imperialism of English!!!

Or of any other language!!

Latin America for the Win!!![edit]

Only terms to address U.S. citizens/nationals within the World![edit]

en: U.S. American, U.S. Americans

es: estadounidense, estadounidenses

fr: étatsunien/états-unien (); étatsunienne/états-unienne (), étatsuniens/états-uniens; étatsuniennes/états-uniennes

pt: estadunidense/estado-unidense, estadunidenses/estado-unidenses

The word "American" in any language should not be used in the context to refer to a citizen or national of the United States of America.

African Languagessw: Wamarekani • yo: Ará àwọn Ìpínlẹ̀ Aṣọ̀kan Amẹ́ríkà • zu: weMelika?

American Languagesay: Estadounidense? • nah: Tlacetilīllahtohcāyōtēcatl, Tlacetilīllahtohcāyōtēcah • nv: ílį́įgo Wááshindoon Bikéyah biiʼ kééhojitʼíinii

Asian Languagesaz: ABŞ amerikalıları • id: Orang Amerika Serikat • ja: 米国人 - Rōmaji: beikokujin • ko: 미국인 - IPA: /mi.ɡ • ms: Orang Amerika Syarikat (Latn); ؟؟؟؟؟ امريكا شريكت (Arad) • th: ชาวอเมริกัน? - ISO 11940-1: Chāw xmerikạn • vi: người Hoa Kỳ • zh: 美国人 (Hans); 美國人 (Hant) - Hànyǔ pīnyīn: Měiguórén

European Languagesan: estatounitense, estatounitenses • br: Stadunanad? • ca: estatunidenc, estatunidencs • eu: Estatubatuar • ext: estauuniense?, estauniensi? • fi: Yhdysvaltalainen, Yhdysvaltalaiset • gl: estadounidense, estadounidenses • it: statunitense, statunitensi • is: Bandaríkjamaður, Bandaríkjamenn • lad: estatounitense (Latn); ؟؟؟؟؟ (Hebr), estatounitenses; ؟؟؟؟؟ • lij: statunitense • nap: stataunitense • oc: estatsunidenc (♂); estatsunidenca (♀), estatsunidencs; estatsunidencas • ru: Америка́нцы США? - Amerikántsy Es Sha Ah • vec: statunitènse, statunitènsi • wa: estazunyin, estazunyins

Artificial Languageseo: usonano, usonanoj • ia: statounitese, statouniteses • io: usano, usani • vo: Lamerikänan; hi-Lamerikänan (♂); ji-Lamerikänan (♀), Lamerikänans; hi-Lamerikänans; ji-Lamerikänans

Other terms to address U.S. citizens/nationals that are not the best:[edit]

de: US-Amerikaner (); US-Amerikanerin () • no: USA-amerikaner

The German terms US-Amerikaner and US-Amerikanerin as well as the Norwegian term USA-amerikaner in my opinion are not good terms to call a U.S. citizen/national in those languages. In both languages the acronyms "US” and "USA” come from the English United States of America, however the right terms in my opinion should be “VS-Amerikaner” and “VS-Amerikanerin” in German and “AFS-amerikaner” in Norwegian. The German equivalent acronym for “US” is “VS” which comes from Vereinigte Staaten while the Norwegian acronym “AFS” comes from Amerikas forente stater. The anglicisms are unecesary.

es; pt: norteamericano (♂); norteamericana (♀) • ca: nord-americà (♂); nord-americana (♀)

The Portuguese and Spanish terms norteamericano (norte-americano in Portuguese) and norteamericana (norte-americana in Portuguese) as well as the Catalan terms nord-americà and nord-americana, all meaning North-American, are used in those languages as demonyms for people of the USA, yet it is wrong because it is the demonym for people and things from the continent of North America so in all it should not be use at all in that manner.

en: Unitedstatian, Unitedstatians

The pronunciation is my only problem with this word otherwise the word is perfect.

qu: US-amirikanu

The term US-amirikanu of the Quechua language as with the German and Norwegian terms used the English acronym in order to be more specific when referring to citizens or nationals of the United States; I know nothing of how that language works but if a word could be created using the native Quechua name of the United States (Hukllachasqa Amirika Suyukuna) that refers only to U.S. citizens/nationals and not to the American continent, which is called in Quechua Awya Yala but can also be called Amirika which can cause confusion when using the demonym to those not native to Quechua and may cause to them to call U.S. citizens/nationals Americans and vice versa.

Samoa…n Islands of the United States!!![edit]

es: Samoa… ¡¡¡Estadounidense!!!

pt: Samoa… Estadunidense!!!

fr: Samoa… Étatsuniennes !!!

Samoa islands 2002.gif

I feel that the islands that are called American Samoa should have been named in a similar fashion to the later U.S. Virgin Islands' official name, since the islands belong to the United States of America and not just the Americas. I would like those islands to be renamed in that manner officially someday soon.

Examples (That I find correct)eo: Usona Samoo, eu: Samoa Estatubatuarra, io: Usana Samoa, is: Bandaríska Samóa, nah: Samoa Tlacetilīllahtohcāyōtēcatl, nan: Bí-kok Samoa, sw: Samoa ya Marekani, vi: Samoa thuộc Hoa Kỳ

Can also be found at:[edit]