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About Me[edit]

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WikiProject Visual arts.

Greetings! My name is Sionk and I've been active on Wikipedia since 2007. I have two university degrees and a wide range of interests, so hopefully my contributions will be useful. Of course, I welcome any constructive comments, criticism or advice (see my 'Talk' page).

Be reassured, I try to add useful information, while deleting the bad. I've written many articles myself and I've been an active reviewer at Articles for Creation. And I know Wikipedia can be a bewildering place for newcomers so I'll try my utmost to be patient and helpful if anyone has questions.

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WikiProject Wales.
cy-3Fe all y defnyddiwr 'ma gyfrannu ar lefel uwchraddol y Gymraeg.


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Wikiproject Wales Barnstar.png The Wales Barnstar
I award you this barnstar for your continuing contributions in creating great Welsh articles.SethWhales talk 06:52, 3 September 2017 (UTC)

BoNM Wales.png The Wales Barnstar of National Merit

For your outstanding work on Wikipedia, I bestow upon you this Wales Barnstar of National Merit. You (and Wales) should be very proud of the quality and quantity of work that you contributed to Wikipedia. This WikiAward was given to Sionk by SethWhales talk 11:25, 29 March 2016 (UTC)
Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
Support for women Spikequeen (talk) 15:05, 29 August 2014 (UTC)

The AFC Backlog Buster Barnstar
Team Barnstar Hires.png

Congratulations, Sionk! You're receiving The AFC and Teamwork Barnstars because you reviewed 208 articles during the recent AFC Backlog elimination drive! Thank you for you contributions to Wikipedia at-large and helping to keep the backlog down. We hope you continue reviewing submissions and stay in touch at the talk page. Thank you and keep up the good work! Mdann52 (talk) 17:24, 15 August 2013 (UTC)

WikiDefender Barnstar Hires.png The Defender of the Wiki Barnstar
For your comments at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Brian Farrell (artist). I double-checked your information; very tenuous indeed! Bearian (talk) 17:21, 23 April 2013 (UTC)

Barnstar of Reversion Hires.png The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
Thank you very much for helping on AEG Turbine Factory! BenjaminBaillaud (talk) 22:01, 6 April 2013 (UTC)

Teahouse First Birthday Badge Teahouse First Birthday Badge
Awarded to everyone who participated in the Wikipedia Teahouse during its first year!

To celebrate the many hosts and guests we've met and the nearly 2000 questions asked and answered during this excellent first year, we're giving out this tasty cupcake badge.

Earn more badges at: Teahouse Badges

Great Answer Badge Great Answer Badge
Awarded to those who have given a great answer on the Teahouse Question Forum.

A good answer is one that fits in with the Teahouse expectations of proper conduct: polite, patient, simple, relies on explanations not links, and leaves a talkback notification.

Earn more badges at: Teahouse Badges

Teahouse Host Badge Teahouse Host Badge
Awarded to hosts at the Wikipedia Teahouse.

Experienced editors with this badge have committed to welcoming guests, helping new editors, and upholding the standards of the Teahouse by giving friendly and patient guidance—at least for a time.

Hosts illuminate the path for new Wikipedians, like Tōrō in a Teahouse garden.

Earn more badges at: Teahouse Badges

Tireless Contributor Barnstar Hires.gif
The AFC Backlog Buster Barnstar
Team Barnstar Hires.png

Congratulations, Sionk! You're receiving The Tireless Contributor and Teamwork Barnstars because you reviewed 94 articles during the recent AFC Backlog elimination drive! Thank you for you contributions to Wikipedia at-large and helping to keep the backlog down. We hope you continue reviewing submissions and stay in touch at the talk page. Thank you and keep up the good work! Mdann52 (talk) 13:29, 10 December 2012 (UTC)

CRM.png The Content Review Medal of Merit  
For your work on reviewing and editing new articles, I am delighted to award you the Content Review Medal of Merit
VisitingPhilosophertalkcontribs 06:47, 28 September 2012 (UTC)

Compass barnstar.png The Guidance Barnstar
Appreciate all your help in developing my first article. You went out of your way to provide guidance and explain Wikipedia standards. Kudos! SenchaDragon (talk) 18:43, 30 August 2012 (UTC)

Articles for Creation Barnstar Hires.png The Articles for Creation barnstar
Thanks for the information on my user page regarding the AfC submission for the Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi article. I unintentionally didn't consider Wikipedia:Notability (high schools) and WP:SCHOOLOUTCOMES in the process of reviewing the submission. Your helpful reminder was appreciated. Northamerica1000(talk) 11:39, 5 August 2012 (UTC)

Barnstar of Diligence Hires.png The Barnstar of Diligence
Thank you for all your hard work in improving the WP:MUSICBIO notability guidelines. I appreciate your time on this. And I like the improvement. Good work! -- NewzealanderA (talk) 17:37, 20 July 2012 (UTC)

Modest Barnstar.png The Modest Barnstar
You are among the top 5% of most active Wikipedians this past month! (talk) 22:48, 15 April 2012 (UTC)

Special Barnstar Hires.png The Special Barnstar
Thanks a lot for helping me in my first article, You really deserve special. Regards. Umerali2204 (talk) 07:37, 7 March 2012 (UTC)

AfC-barnstar-remake.png The Articles for Creation barnstar
Thank you for me helping an amateur like me. Sumitkumarjha75 (talk) 03:52, 23 January 2012 (UTC)

My contributions[edit]

Master Editor II
The AfC ribbon

Significant article development[edit]

DYK nominations[edit]

Photos uploaded[edit]

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Taken by me
  • Y Lle Celf 2016.jpg March 2017
  • 27 Old Market Street, Usk.jpg March 2016
  • Old Maltsters side elevation, Usk.jpg March 2016
  • Min Yr Afon, New Market Street, Usk.jpg March 2016
  • Ynys Hafod, New Market Street, Usk.jpg March 2016
  • Usk Prison, Maryport Street, Usk.jpg March 2016
  • Maw and Co's ceramic tiles, Old Library, Cardiff.jpg March 2016
  • House of the Future - north, St Fagans, Cardiff.jpg March 2016
  • Lychgate, St Peters Church, Carmarthen.jpg February 2016
  • Cenotaph, Alexandra Gardens, Penarth.jpg February 2016
  • Coastguard Cottage, Marine Parade, Penarth.jpg February 2016
  • Windsor Arcade, Penarth.jpg February 2016
  • Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, close-up.jpg February 2016
  • Gwent Archives, Ebbw Vale Steelworks.jpg February 2016
  • Baron's Court, Medieval Hall, Cogan, Penarth.jpg February 2016
  • Footbridge at Cogan railway station, Penarth.jpg February 2016
  • Baltic House, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay.jpg February 2016
  • Aberdare House, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff.jpg February 2016
  • NEON, Clarence Place, Newport, Wales.jpg February 2016

  • John Frost Square 2015.jpg December 2015
  • St Michaels College Chapel Llandaff.jpg August 2015
  • Captain R F Scott Blue Plaque, Cardiff.jpg June 2015
  • Royal Hotel, Cardiff.jpg June 2015
  • High Street and Olde Murenger Pub, Newport, Wales.jpg January 2015

  • Butetown Police Station 2006.jpg December 2014
  • Cardiff Royal Infirmary aerial view.jpg December 2014
  • Commercial Street, Newport, Wales.jpg December 2014
  • The Walk, Roath, Cardiff.jpg November 2014
  • Haberson Street, Splott, Cardiff.jpg November 2014
  • St Mary Street and Church Street junction - Cardiff.jpg May 2014

  • Bute Mausoleum, Church of St Margaret, Roath.jpg October 2013
  • Church of St German Cardiff nave.jpg June 2013
  • Wooden Shelter Grangetown Cardiff.jpg April 2013

  • Connect 4 Wood Street Bridge Cardiff.jpg April 2012
  • Roxe Graffiti Wall Grangetown 2008.jpg April 2012
Taken by others
  • Ashbrook-House, Clyro - 3016665 - March 2016
  • The County House, Brecon - 3376441 - March 2016
  • 3 Buckingham Place, Brecon - 3161929 - March 2016
  • St Peters Church, Carmarthen, interior - 4495748 - March 2016
  • Trewyn House - 3632797 - March 2016
  • Tresenny Farmhouse - 3220428 - March 2016
  • St Davids Church, Trostrey - 1282666 - March 2016
  • Little Llwygy Farmhouse - 3374691 - March 2016
  • Ty-hwnt-y-bwlch, Cwmyoy - 3121849 - geograph.jpg March 2016
  • Headlands School, Penarth (geograph 3753099).jpg March 2016 X
  • Hafoty Medieval Hall, Llansadwyrn - 956834 - March 2016
  • Yr Hen Bont Ponterwyd - geograph - 3275334.jpg March 2016
  • Marine Building of Penarth Dock (geograph 1945923).jpg February 2016 X
  • Church of St Peter, Old Cogan (geograph 2762851).jpg February 2016 X
  • Howardian School Cardiff - - 2817490.jpg January 2016
  • St Johns Church, Dowlais (disused) (geograph 2788959).jpg January 2016 X

  • Hamadryad Hospital (2048195462).jpg December 2015 X
  • A High-Tech House (486618815).jpg October 2015
  • Plantagenet House Tenby - - 4347310.jpg April 2015
  • High Street, Blackwood (1).jpg April 2015
  • Fairbourne spit from the Barmouth Panorama viewpoint (geograph 2565306).jpg February 2015 X
  • Oriel Mostyn, Vaughan Street, Llandudno - - 2150645.jpg January 2015
  • Converted water tower, Cyncoed, Cardiff - - 1661714.jpg January 2015
  • The River Solva at Solva (geograph 3158576).jpg January 2015 X
  • NewgaleBeachPembs2.jpg January 2015
  • Brown and beige former water tower, Cardiff Central railway station - -.3708303jpg.jpg January 2015
  • Tabernacle, The Hayes, Cardiff - - 3283523.jpg January 2015
  • Carmarthen bridge over Afon Towy - - 3007505.jpg January 2015
  • Crickhowell bridge and town - - 4038979.jpg January 2015
  • Llangynidr Bridge with weight restriction - - 3734823.jpg January 2015

  • Porthkerry Viaduct and House - - 2101425.jpg December 2014
  • Former Saint David's Mental Hospital, Carmarthen - - 3410645.jpg December 2014
  • New mental health unit at St Davids Hospital, Carmarthen.jpg December 2014
  • St Davids Hospital Front, Cardiff - - 2759357.jpg December 2014
  • Cwmwysg - - 2948881.jpg November 2014
  • Chair Table Hat Stand February 2014

  • Steps Aleah Chapin December 2013
  • The Vulcan Hotel on Adam Street - - 1736737 closeup.jpg October 2013
  • Deconstruction of the Vulcan, Cardiff - - 3092172.jpg October 2013
  • Gileston Manor (geograph 2256675).jpg August 2013 X
  • Old Water Tower Cardiff Central Station 2005.jpg April 2013
  • Hayes Island Snack Bar, Cardiff.jpg March 2013
  • Grange Farm Cardiff - - 1878578.jpg March 2013
  • Cardiff Old Tram Depot, Pendyris Street.jpg March 2013
  • The Pump House, Penarth Road, Cardiff - - 282708 cropped.jpg March 2013
  • Church of St German Cardiff - - 1153094.jpg March 2013
  • St Paul's Grangetown - - 1878576.jpg March 2013
  • Gunther Behnisch March 2013

  • Boxley Street Housing.jpg November 2011
  • C215 Brooklyn.jpg November 2011

Keeping an eye on...[edit]


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Improvement and development[edit]

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