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I guess I should write something on my personal page. There, now I have.

Some things that would be great as articles on Wikipedia, but which I can not write myself:

Sippans Serie - my webcomic.

Platformism - the term I coined for the oppression of for example Mac or Linux users by for example internet banks.

Sippan's law - which states that the fewer people that possess the knowledge necessary to understand a certain joke, the less funny the joke must actually be in order for the listener to experience it as funny. Or in short, a lame joke which only 1% of the population will get, will by that 1% be found just as funny as an average person would find a hilarious joke that can be understood by 90% of the population. Or even shorter: obscurity makes up for lack of humor.

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In case anyone cares, I really dislike the Swedish Wikipedia. I've tried to write a few articles there but I have given up; nobody stands a chance against the trigger-happy moderators who delete everything I write without giving anything a fair chance with the voting system. Apparently having articles on Wikipedia causes physical pain to Swedes.