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Headline News[edit]

FF7 IS BACK! (Yes, the game!!! Everyone cheer for the PSP!)

My Domain[edit]

"For a thousand years, I was exiled. And now, you dare to enter my realm?" - Illidan.

My Return[edit]

This is FF7Freakzorz. I realize I was not a major contributor (Could have something to do with my age) so, I took a break. I have, however, returned and plan to start out with a bang! I've begun my rage already by signing signature books, if I missed yours, sign mine and I'll be glad to hop right on that! Now, I'll begin my new life, as Sir Adrian Fayan, and work my way up to hopefully a true Champion of Edits.

Sir Adrian Fayan
What's New World of Warcraft which will always be new. Geometry Wars - Exploding shapes and cool techno graphics.
What's Old Regurtitating useless knowledge from textbooks. Science.
What's Playing The Bourne Ultimatum - Bourne is back and with bigger explosions. Hitman - More big explosions.
What's... Writing? Dark Angel - A riveting tale by David Klass. I Am America (And So Can You!) - I've read it several times now.
What's really messing with Adrian's head... Life. We strive and strive, and for what? Politics - Working your *** off for four years of fame, and a cool portrait.

The Presidential Race 2008[edit]

I'm a political noob - Still 15, so technically can't legally vote - But how's this - I choose John Edwards. This does not mean I'm Democratic. I am Commonsensologic. What is Commonsensologic, you ask? Commonsensologic is for people who choose for themselves, instead of blindly following a party, to look at the whole picture, and pick the best piece to come out on top. To pick one side, every year, is madness. If Republicans (Or Democrats, not trying to pick sides) said that their president planned on declaring war on the WORLD, I'd bet they'd still get a decent amount of votes. Tell me that isn't ridiculous and I'll be FORCED to vandalize your page (Not an easy push). To be updated as the story develops. Update: 5/21/08 The race rages on, and I, after finding time to edit Wikipedia, have come with an update. Now that John Edwards is out of the picture, McCain seems like the best choice to me. Hillary Clinton is way too fake; her attempts to show off her 'emotional side' disgust me. Obama, while a great candidate, simply does not stand out as well as the accomplished and successful McCain.

Latest Projects[edit]

None so far, I'll fill this booth up fine and dandy.

Sir Adrian FayanTalk 06:53, 20 January 2008 (UTC)