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Sir Floyd - A Lover Of All Things Historic![edit]

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Sir Floyd is not a bad guy once you get to know him!  :)[edit]

Sir Floyd donates to Greenpeace on a regular basis because they do good work. Sir Floyd likes Red Dwarf (Series 1 to 6). Lexx is a cool show.

Sir Floyd donates to the Wilderness Society on a regular basis because they too do good work.

Futurama is a great show too.

At the moment he is listening to Yothu Yindi Sir Floyd (talk) 09:39, 20 September 2010 (UTC)

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SMS Viribus Unitis

SMS Viribus Unitis was the first Austro-Hungarian dreadnought battleship of the Tegetthoff-class. Its name, meaning "With United Forces", was the personal motto of Emperor Franz Joseph I. As the first of the newly created Tegetthoff-class battleships, she was laid down in Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino shipyard in Trieste on 24 July 1910. Viribus Unitis was launched from the shipyard on 24 June 1911.

  • She had the stop speed speed of 20 knots (23 mph; 37 km/h).

During World War I, Viribus Unitis took part in the flight of the German warships SMS Goeben and SMS Breslau. In May 1915, she also took part in the bombardment of the Italian port city of Ancona. Viribus Unitis was sunk by a limpet mine planted by frogmen of the Italian Regia Marina on 1 November 1918.

When Sir Floyd was little he was driven around in a Ford Zephyr Mark II.[edit]

Ford Zephyr Mark II
Production 1956-1962
294,506 (including the Zodiac Mark II) and 6911 Convertibles made.
Engine 2,553 cc (156 cu in) straight-6 ohv
Wheelbase 107 in (2,718 mm)
Length 178.5 in (4,534 mm)
Width 67 in (1,702 mm)
Curb weight 2,576 lb (1,168 kg)

In 1956 the Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac were all restyled to a new family look. The 6-cylinder cars' engines were enlarged to 2,553 cc (156 cu in), with power output correspondingly raised to 86 bhp (64 kW).

  • Top speed increased to 88 mph (142 km/h) and the fuel consumption was also improved at 10 L/100 km.

In Australia, the Mark II Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac were built at Ford's factory in Geelong.

As well as a 3-speed manual gearbox there was an optional overdrive and from 1956 (1959 in Australia) a Borg Warner DG automatic transmission. At first drum brakes were fitted all round with a larger lining area of but front discs became optional in 1960 and standard from mid 1961 .

(Sir Floyd was also driven around in a Chrysler)

Aussie Gear (Holden)[edit]

Holden V2 Monaro CV8 R coupe

This Is Milo. He is an Aussie cat.

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