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Sir Isaac Lime's user page both asks the question:

"Are user pages necessary?"

And answers it with a resounding:

"I suppose!"

Notable Contributions[edit]

Sir Isaac Lime has been featured in both Time and Newsweek for starting the WikiReligion. WikiReligion adherents believe whole-heartedly in whatever the Wikible (a freely editable Bible) says. As of March 22, 2006, there are 144,128 believers in the WikiReligion. It is believed that at some point every one of them has edited the Wikible to imply that he/she was the new messiah.

A recent study in Nature Magazine found that the Wikible has a mere 4 inconsistencies or mistakes per page, better than the Bible's 5 per page. The Vatican has pointed out that they believe Nature's methodology was incorrect, and have offered to settle the debate in a public forum, providing the impartial judges recognize the Pope's infallibility.

More information can be found at the WikiReligion's webiste,

Articles Working On[edit]

Perspective (graphical), Fat Possum Records, Nathaniel Mayer, John Lee Hooker, & Luke Temple.

A Recommendation For WikiLinks[edit]

Everything should be linked together, creating an impenetrable web of knowledge.