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Hey it's me: Sir Furboy. I made my first edit to Wikipedia (a typo fix) so long ago I cannot remember when it was and in January 2006 I created this account. However most of my edits are small and anonymous because I usually want to fix something quickly as I am reading up on it, and thus have rarely logged in.

Recently I found a page that I knew something about and that was suffering from neglect. This is a rare thing on Wikipedia, so for the first time I have actually been adding substantive information. Consequently I thought it is time I made my user page too!

I am a Computer Scientist by background. The Computer Science articles are generally pretty well fleshed out on Wikipedia though. I also have a wide range of hobbies (yes, surfing is one, although I have less time for it these days). I live in Aberystwyth, Wales.

One reason I have little time for Wikipedia is that I am an Amazon top 250 reviewer - maybe I should look at the Wikipedia articles on books!

That will do for now. Thanks for stopping by.

Are you by nay chance a cowrd? Why are you a gov sycophnat?


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