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Malcolm I'Anson, middle-aged Hong Konger. The triumph of truth over lies and distortion can only be achieved through absolute freedom of speech.

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And we have a very, very serious problem: people are quoting Wikipedia in court! So, please let's stick to the facts, shall we?



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Major surgery[edit]

Inline messages[edit]

Code Result Code Result
{{By whom}} [by whom?] {{Examples}} [examples needed]
{{Citequote}} [this quote needs a citation] {{Full}} [full citation needed]
{{Citation broken}} [full citation needed] {{Failed verification}} [not in citation given]
{{Citation needed}} [citation needed] {{Or}} [original research?]
{{Citation needed (lead)}} [not verified in body] {{Season needed}} [season & episode needed]
{{Clarify}} [clarification needed] {{Specify}} [specify]
{{Copyvio link}} [copyright violation?] {{Self-published inline}} [self-published source?]
{{Dead link}} [dead link] {{Vague}} [vague]
{{Dubious}} [dubious ] {{Verify credibility}} [unreliable source?]
{{Elucidate}} [further explanation needed] {{Verify source}} [verification needed]
{{Volume needed}} [volume & issue needed] {{When}} [when?]
{{Where}} [where?] {{Which}} [which?]
{{Who}} [who?] {{Whom?}} [according to whom?]
{{Why}} [why?] {{Year}} [year needed]
{{User:Honette/Template/Full_name}} [full version needed] {{expand acronym}} [expand acronym]

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