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My name is Zubin Madon. I am currently an administrator for Wikipedia. If you need an admin for something, you should certainly feel free to ask me.

Right now I'm focusing on organizing items in disambiguation pages that are long and hard to navigate, especially two-letter ones. I have begun to participate in AFD from time to time again, because I think that it is a more formal process now, from back when I hated it (and it was still called VFD). No longer are simple votes of opinion enough, but if WP:N is passed (and hence, WP:V), it is generally kept.

I still worry that lists are being taken down left and right for no real purpose, other than formal adherence to WP:NOT, which barely applies to most lists imho. I'll cross that bridge when I have more time, perhaps.

Oh, yeah. I've also somewhat recently gotten back into improving articles in small ways each time I use them (which is really what got me into Wikipedia in the first place...).

I have ceased patrolling recent changes for a while, but I am sure I will get back into it.

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