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Sitearm is Planner and Expediter for Projects in Community, Spirituality, Arts.

Hello, my nickname is Sitearm. I started a user account on this system July 2005 to continue the experience of participating in an online community. My first experience was being a beta tester for a computer game.

What I like so far about Wikipedia is that I have read many useful articles with a lot of information that I have not found in other sources. Favorite science fiction authors and selected science articles come to mind. I admire the design and implementation of the hosting application with standard interfaces, templates, markup code, endless change logs, etc. I admire the mechanism to allow posting of more comprehensive information more quickly by more informed contributors.

What I wish so far about Wikipedia is that some issues were further worked out, including: people changing each other's edits out of disagreement or maliciousness, reliability of information presented, subjectivity of information presented, accomodation of different interpretations in information presented, and bureaucracy of running the system. I feel there is a steep but subtle learning curve not just in learning how to make edits but how to format, substantiate, and write good articles, and to deal with others in major and minor disputes.

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Latin cautions[edit]

  • caveat lector - let the reader beware
  • caveat scriptor - let the writer beware

Wikimedia projects[edit]

I am registered on Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Commons, Meta-Wiki, and MediaZilla.

I am a participant in the WikiProject on Computer and video games and started articles on Children of the Nile, Myelin Media, and Chris Beatrice. I started project page Wikipedia:Proposed update of MediaWiki:Tagline and refactored discussions through instigation of a first poll. I started articles on Forbidden Gardens and Landmark Communications.

Shocking learnings to date[edit]

  • User accounts cannot be deleted
  • Everything you enter is logged
  • Even if you delete something it can be pulled up again
  • Everything you enter can be freely changed by someone else
  • People leave you messages chastising you