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Hello. My alias is Sivak and this is a little page about me. I have done some miscellaneous work here and there on the Wikipedia and have written some information for articles that interest me. I've added a bunch of userboxes on the right to help sum up some things.


I'm into a lot of games and game-related material. I like game design and recently made the game Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril. My favorite puzzle game series of all time is the Lolo series, better known as the Eggerland series. I also like several games in the Final Fantasy series as well as other RPGs such as the games from lesser-known Gold Box series, which are computer games based on Dungeons and Dragons.

Other enjoyable games: Deus Ex, Unreal Tournament, Warcraft III

Last year, I became accustomed to new board games such as Xiangqi, Shogi, and Go, which are both strategy-based games like Chess. I sometimes play Go at a club. I haven't been able to find many Xiangqi or Shogi players, however.

In addition to gaming, I like web site design and midi composition. I mainly use a Roland XV-5050 to do midi work.

I studied German for a few years in college and can speak at a fairly good level. Not as perfectly as I would like, however. Currently studying Japanese. I also know some basic Spanish.

Articles I have helped with[edit]

Video games[edit]

Board games[edit]





Nickname information[edit]

The origin of my nick name is as follows: Sivaks /Sǐv'-ǎk/ are a type of draconian, found in the Dragonlance series.

A Sivak is born of a silver dragon's egg and typically stands 9 feet tall. Sivaks do not possess any magical abilities, but prefer to engage in melee combat. A Sivak is also the only draconian that can truly fly. Upon death, Sivaks will shapeshift into their killer and turn into soot 2 days later. If the killer is larger than the Sivak then it will burst into flames causing damage to nearby targets.

Sivaks can shapeshift into anything they kill as long as it is not larger than they are. They gain the voice and appearance of the victim, but none of the victim's memories.