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Industry Platform as a service
Cloud computing
Agile Software Development
Enterprise Software
Founded 2007
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland
Products SlipStream
Number of employees
Approximately 12 (2014)

SixSq Sarl[edit]

SixSq is a cloud solutions provider which has developed a Platform as a Service product called SlipStream. The mulit-cloud-application management platform, which is built on open source software, allows users to build, integrate and deploy applications. SlipStream is being used as the broker technology in the Helix Nebula Marketplace, part of the Helix Nebula Science Cloud initiative. [1] SixSq was involved in the Stratuslab project funded by the Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development ([4]) project to enhance grid infrastructures with virtualisation and cloud technologies. [2] . The company is also involved in 3 Horizon 2020 projects, Cyclone [3], Scissor [4] and PaaSword [5]


The company was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 2007 by the 3 partners. A majority share was purchased by RHEA SA [6] in December 2014.


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