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I've posted as "Sjö" on the Swedish Wikipedia since 2004, and before that on When I post on other websites I mostly use "Sjö" or my real name, which I don't want to post here for privacy reasons.

This edit to Wikipedia:Reference desk/Humanities is my edit # 5.000 on the English Wikipedia and this one to sv:Balkanhalvön is # 25.000 on the Swedish language version. Most of my Wikipedia time is spent patrolling for vandalism, tweaking articles and doing small corrections. As you know, there's always one more error to fix or a "citation needed" to add.

I'm married and have four children. I'm a member of the Moderate Party of Sweden. I have worked as an officer in the Swedish Amphibious Corps, managed a fast food restaurant and held a number of other positions. Now I'm a civil servant in a midsized Swedish municipality.

Countries I have visited[edit]

Lived in:

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Planning to visit:
The layout is borrowed from Greverod who got it from someone else who got it from someone else...

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