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archives: 3/20-3/23 | 3/24-4/7

  WELCOME TO ARCH--|I|[edit]

There can be no return  [edit]

{Pi Day, 2004 faceted}      in passing: centi/millipede

multiple perlsonalities(#wp)
[19:58] <nsh> are you using two identities on wiki?
[19:58]   - nsh: no... I am not
[19:58] <TS> no, he's using 4
[19:58]   - I just like to add pictures
[19:58] * Timwi in an accusatory mood today
[19:59]   - FF: if you want me to stop adding pictures and articles to wikipedia, I would be upset because It makes me relax
[19:59] <FF> Wikipedia is not a vacation. 
six days later(3/20)
[09:21] <TS> what did you want me to do with your edits 
[09:26]   - merge them all together under AP, but keep p seperate

Do not taunt the archbishop[edit]

{March 20, 2004 shiny}      in passing: MW custom elts

its a feature(#w)
[10:11] <_sj_> where's the right place for reporting a 'feature' in wiki syntax?
[10:12] <Timwi> There is no such place. :)  
[10:18] such a way that they will be fixed within any reasonable time-frame.
[10:55] <snoyes> you are listed as a "confirmed speaker" on [1]
[10:55] <snoyes> along with erik and jimbo
[10:55] <Sunir> yup... we're announcing the end of wikipedia
[10:56]         we're replacing it with an ice cream stand.
[10:59]         I warn you, it's open source ice cream.
[11:02] <snoyes> Is RMS giving his standard Cone/Ice Cream vs. Ice Cream lecture?
[11:04] <Sunir> Yeah. We had to placate him with a free strawberry sundae.
[11:05]         Ice cream isn't *free*. It costs money to make, cows to milk.
[11:05] <Timwi> You have two cows.
[12:06] <Timwi> http://www.wikipedia.evil/ doesn't seem to work for me.
[12:36] <Vicious]> I created Mediawiki stuff for parts of Africa
[12:36] <dannyisme> nice job
[13:02] <Vicious]> Hey guys... should I do a Mediawiki thing on European countries
[13:03]            By "Northern Europe", "Western Europe", "Southern Europe", "Eastern Europe"?
[13:03] <Timwi> [hahahahaha] : [2] and [3]... [4]... [5]...
Fresh blood(T:)
Encouraging new neutral content -- and new NPOV-capable content providers -- is good 
(no matter how non-encyclopedic their initial content). +sj+
Old reads & watches(U:sj)
Brianism, Sarah Marple-Cantrell, star-crossed, We_Didn't_Start_the_Fire
Categorically monkey(#w)
[13:44] <sils> "This is a famous monkey.  To see an automatically generated list of other famous monkeys click here."
[13:45] <fabi> we're going to have to keep categories on our watchlists, aren't we
[13:45] <SethI> Otherwise George W. Bush will end up on List of famous monkeys.
[13:45] <fabi> otherwise some wit will add GW Bush to the "famous monkyies
[13:45] <fabi> :)
[13:45] <SethI> jinx!
<RickK> I took it to the mailing list is because there isn't really anyplace 
        on the Encyclopedia to ask other people's opinions about articles.
<Graham> Wikipedia:Requests for comment?  
<RickK> I never knew that page existed. (17:34, 19 Mar 2004)
<IMSoP> [So...] is anyone running a bot to archive [any of] those IRC channels?

{March 22, 2004 latelate}

7-revert rule(#w)
[23:51] <Xz> in the future I expect you to do either of two things:
[23:51] <Xz> 2) Ask another user to "help" you by reverting... vandalism 
[23:51] <anton> I did ask for help
[23:52] <anton> 04:17, 23 Mar 2004 . . (someone please step in here) 
[23:52] <SethI> aton: That was on your *7th* revert.

Mama was a Dadaists[edit]

{March 23, 2004 grogged}

[05:40] <rbop> When does it become absurd? "list of all articles that do not mention Hitler"?
[05:43] <rbop>
[05:59] <statcrazy>
[06:08] <statcrazy> maybe they are embedded lists... See Wikipedia:Lists (embedded lists)
[06:38] <rbop>
Are you the gatekeeper?(#w)
[07:07] <zool> (am helping writing a 'Mapping Hacks' book for ORA; looking at geographical/factbook 
info in WP already; lot of maps there, even for places with spotty coverage
[07:08] <zool> want to make a map interface to wikipedia
[07:08] <jer_> taw was/is working on something
[07:08] <jer_> en:User:Taw
[07:08] <zool> based perhaps on or just any dodgy seelction of shape files
[07:09] <zool> map interface envisaged working like, "click, zoom, see related backlinks at this level of detail"
[07:10] <jeronim_> also see meta:Wikipediatlas
[07:15] <zool> whoosh:
Graze my ship(email, via #w)
[10:12] <SethI> "You have betrayed your own soul today and I can not for the life of me understand why."
[10:12] <SethI> "Why would you seek unjustice, what have I ever done to you?"
John Doe(#wikp)
[12:55] <jer> let's ask ipod... what do you think, ipod?  er, i mean, John
[12:56] <jer> i deduced it, timstarling confirmed it and John denied it
[12:57]  - oh! how strange... 
fuchsmach the brave(#w)
[18:46] <fuchs1mach> anton I suggest you go on mcfly were you belong-the matter is being investigated by a developer
on gathering fat(#w)
[19:17] <A> Hcheney: The last thing 172 told me about you was about that subpage, 
[19:23]          but I expect most people would oppose collecting up information on them like that
on Cheney, foxes & Wright(#w, en:)
[19:13] <anton> and, I went to rutgers, and lived in NJ, and had heard of you before
[19:18] <anton> fuchs is there a wikipedia page on you? ... is your bio in wikipedia
[19:34] <fuchs> if I ever met you there would be trouble
[19:34] <anton> ok, so you're not daniel wright?... just a fan?
[19:35] <TS> fuchs has his real name set in IRC
[19:36] <fuchs> dammit... it's on my e-mail too so allot of people know it now
[19:36] <TS> it's sad and amusing at the same time
[19:36] <fuchs> truly