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  • different background color/template to separate fictional article subjects from the rest
  • careful screening of fictional universes and character; a "(fiction)" suffix when appropriate...


  • Unified style guidelines for
a) researchers referencing, quoting, or reusing content
b) publishers doing likewise,
c) editors/writers adding content of various types [we've made a good headstart here],
d) publications *by* the Foundation (PR, &c)
  • Pages : by namespace; each has its own style.
  • Media : how to include it, float it, otherwise embrace it. Pronunciations, pictures-of, pictures-by, &c
  • Related links : see also, references, bibliography, external links, internal links, cross-project links. clusters of relevnat topics; links to categories, and siblings in a cat, or cat-siblings and cousins. E2-style clusters. Techno style tagsets. Stub-types.
  • Stubs, full arts, detailed arts, and multiple layers of content detail/technicality.
    How to handle multiple audiences
  • Languages. How to diff' translations from convergent evolution (if necc).
  • Kinds of edits. Minor/major... "Adding" vs. "editing" content... "translating," "formatting," and other special types.
    Incentives for people to correctly class edits?
  • Transwiki moves and merges. Decisions, implementation, history moving and refs. Updating other refs.


  • Positive support groups; benevolent community sigs and regular chats. People who look after one another, and those without support nets (yet).
  • Positive pressure to explore one's abilities and interests, evaluate one's work against metrics, take on projects of specific lengths.
    Coordination with good social software. Matching of interests, work habits, schedules. Elegant, granular privacy control. Replace the growing "List of wikipedians who..." with cats in this system.

Interfaces [Ice][edit]

  • Social software. (see Community) Extra user-page ice, more refined talk-page ice.
    User-page - interests, other freeform groups, access to centralized user-stats.
    Group-page - notice-boards (regional, by wiki-job, other), affinities (list of wpans who, some wikiprojects), projects (wikiprojects, other wp: namespace pages), SIGs (groups with charters, or pursuing fixed tasks, or holding regular meetings, or issuing regular reports)
    Talk-page - notification listing people who have left messages since last visit; across projects.
    You have new messages!   enwp: AleGNAA, E-Rehtna, Obmitch  svwp: Hagar  enwikt: Celce  commons: SamLJack 
    global: 3 notices
    Options -- to show names or not; alt text "New messages:"
  • Login screens.
    Better ice for new/returning/lost-password users. Login screen should show "Login" "create new account" "Lost password?"
    Encourage acct linking, for new-messages patch. Ice to see all accounts.
    • Options: User-page / talk-page templates. Prefs template. (applied on demand)
    • Acct screen : show user/talkpage existence on all langs/projs, recent talk activity (like souped-up RC)
    • Acct linking : "add acct" (where names are different); adds onto sth like the current name-change request queue (think ar:, zh:, ja:, en:)
  • Translation tools.
    see Software, below. Two-panel layout; options of by-sentence, by-paragraph, or freeform. Both panels can be editable at the same time.
    Translation can take a while; better conflict-mgmt, or optional edit-locking, would be helpful here.
  • Conflict resoultion and autosaving
    • Two-panel conflict resolution;
      ... with an option to save the diff to a temporary page.
    • Temporary autosaves
      Provide an autosave option; if you turn it on, your edits are autosaved every N minutes. Once you actually save successfully, they are deleted.


  • User-acct linking patch
    Provide a way for a user to link 2 accts.
    Encourage email synching. Run an auto-detect script that links same-name same-email
    Have a queue for diff-name/same-email, same-name/diff-email, or (rarely) diff-/diff-.
  • Translation/content-linking patch.
    Let A:P.R(X) be section X of revision R of page P on project/language A.
    Provide a simple way to link articles : let someone to say "A:P.R(X) was synched with the content of B:P'.S(Y)"
    • Use case : modifying a page for a new audience on meta. Translate m:P.R to m:P'.S; clarify where the original content came from (incidentally also preserving history). This often happens when English is converted to simplified translator-friendly copy, for translation; also for multiply-targeted press releases for diff. audiences.
    • Use case : ja --> it (translation). Translate jawp:P.R(2) to itwp:P'.S(5).
    • Use case : en:wikinews --> zh:wp. Translate/rewrite ennews:P.R(1) to jawp:Q.S.
      Here P and Q are totally different pages; Q may be some kind of current events page, or a biography, nothing to do with the news itself. But the content of the first long section of the news article is merged into various places in Q (not just a single section).
    Provide a two-panel translation interface, split up by paragraph breaks so the two sides line up.
    At first, this will allow people to see how much translation is going on. Later, when you go to translate P(ja) to P'(it) it will show you the last time P and P' were similarly synched by some sort of translation.
    Still later, a proper translation-memory and more nuanced two-panel (or tabbed multipanel) interface will allow translators to view sentence-by sentence suggestions for translations based on what they or others have translated previously.
    This interface can automatically provide the article linking. You could add a translator's pref-option, and have "translate" next to othe "edit" section links... then offer a set of possible interwiki-linked articles as targets, and on clickthrough, further offer translation into a specific section (or a new section at the end).
  • License selection
    Dropdown on upload of media for the right license; see earlier discussions, w/Eloquence and sansculotte
    Automated notice of content that has been uploaded without license; and a list of the latest such oversights
  • Graylisting
    Users can be graylisted for various reasons. Anyone not on the whitelist posting with more than a certain frequency, posting troll-friendly words more than once in a day...
    Graylist flags show up on userpages for admins; and can be unset by them.
  • Delayed gratification
    Users in the graylist have uploaded images/revisions non-visible for 2 min, added to a list of such.