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I'm a newb, THNX IN ADVANCE!

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Always busy, yet nothing ever done....

Personal Credos :

  • Dum Vivimus, Vivamus Latin, 'while we live, let us live'
  • Carpe Diem Latin, 'sieze the day'

Heraldic Credos :

  • Je suis prest Old French (Clan Fraser of Scotland), 'I am ready.'

In current research:[edit]

reference to make my life easier[edit]

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other stuff I've worked on[edit]

...some other stuff... I don't think it matters tooo much

Quick Autobiography[edit]

Born in 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Spent childhood moving from place to place. Generally notable for study, since that's about all that I've done so far, former majors at universtiy level have included : computer science (3 years), neuroscience pre-med (3 years), linguistics (3 years). Currently having finished a BA in International studies, regional specializations include North Africa and the Middle East and Western Europe. Minors include International Economics and the French Language. My thesis (not dissertation, mind you!) was on decolonization of Palestinian territories. I already hold one "BA" although its not from an accredited institution, based on experience and some coursework and test scores in Elementary Education. Currently an English Teacher in Tokyo completing a master's program in TEFL/TESL through the University of Birmingham in Birmingham, U.K.


Formal Study

Native :

  • English (Foreign-Language-Influence American)

Working on :

active :

stalled :

Studied in years past :

Informal Study and Wishlist

Geographical Biography[edit]

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Societies and Conventions (NOT complete)[edit]