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I did a BSc in Philosophy & Psychology, then trained to teach which I did for a year (alongside an MA in Philosophy of Education), I then did an MPhil in Education, and am now on to a PhD. I research the relationship between views on 'knowledge', and how individuals and policies deal with information/knowledge (focussing on search engines). This is interesting in the context of OER given high quality resources might be there, but access alone is probably not enough. I am particularly interested in the epistemic qualities of tools like Wikipedia, and the use of WikiTrust, the Wikipedia Feedback Tool, and other ways to assess article quality, contributor trust, map connections between ideas, etc.

I blogged for Nominet Trust on bits of my research and ICT in society.

I have an institutional page and blog here (which also lists my affiliations).

I am a trustee of Wikimedia UK (and currently vice-chair)

My sandbox has some notes on pages I am editing/want to edit/create

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