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Name Sjones23
Born (1990-09-29) September 29, 1990 (age 28)
Lake Havasu City, Arizona, U.S.
Nationality American
Country  United States
Current location Buffalo, New York, U.S.
Languages English, Japanese
Time zone Eastern Time Zone
Current time Current time for UTC-5 is 13:33
Education and employment
Occupation Freelance musician
University University at Buffalo
Account statistics
Joined December 28, 2006
First edit December 27, 2006
Pending changes reviewer June 14, 2010
Rollbacker February 21, 2008
Flag of the United States.svgThis user lives in the United States of America.
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I am Greg, a semi-professional editor, rollbacker, expert copy-editor and reviewer. Outside of Wikipedia, I'm also a 28-year old graduate of the University at Buffalo, and also a composer, orchestrator, arranger, and musician. I have Diabetes mellitus type 1. My main purpose is, and will always be, to create, expand, and improve articles to the highest degree since I first joined Wikipedia in December 2006 and I truly love writing as well as composing. In the last ten years or so, I have helped contribute significantly to various good articles and featured articles, as well as significantly contributing to the main Kingdom Hearts articles, most of which are now Featured status. I am a member of various WikiProjects, including the Star Wars WikiProject, the Anime and Manga WikiProject, the Dragon Ball task force, the Television Game Shows WikiProject, the Video game WikiProject and the Square Enix WikiProject.

My main contributions in Wikipedia are copy-editing prose, cleaning up articles, reverting vandalism when needed, creating articles, expanding information when needed, and participating in the featured article process, the requests for comment process, the dispute resolution process, the good article process, the articles for deletion process, the peer review process, as well as the adminship requests process. While I have had my share of issues and detractors, as well as stepping on some people's toes, I always improve various articles to the highest degree possible, as improving Wikipedia is everyone's main goal. User:Darthgriz98 adopted me as a user a few months before her eventual retirement from Wikipedia. From there, I became a more experienced editor, participating in noticeboard discussions and improving articles as well as policies and guidelines. I have learned a lot through my work here, from the history of a Japanese video game that never made it to America until 2010 to learning the history behind an anime licensing company that I have admired for so long to discovering country singers to learning about the history of one of England's popular rock bands as well as a rock band that originated in the 1960s that I have admired to learning about a popular video game franchise that started back in 1987 to rediscovering a popular magical girl anime series that I watched as a young boy to finding out about the history behind a popular series that I have loved since I was a child to learning about a Japanese tokusatsu TV series which served as the basis for that series to finding out about how a popular opera cycle by a composer that I have admired to discovering a 20th century Japanese composer that I now admire for his work. I work on a range of topics from magazines to anime films to light novels to manga and anime series to character lists to episode lists to superhero films to thriller films to film directors to video games to composers to game shows to television shows to science fiction films to animation companies to musical instruments and everything in between. I know at times I have been intending to become an administrator, but I have also occasionally lost my temper. In one particular edit war, I foolishly attempted to deal with one of them by putting an "indefinite semi-protection" suggestion at RFPP, but to my own stupidity, I was blocked once for it.

While I have met several excellent editors and administrators which I consider friends, I have also had my share of detractors during my ongoing tenure here, such as IPs or registered users (including sockpuppets of blocked or banned users) who often disrupt or vandalize articles; harass, threaten or wikistalk other users in the worst possible ways; contradict official polices and guidelines (such as what Wikipedia is not); edit war on articles; and also vandalizing other users' pages including my own. My comments have been labeled combative and sometimes abrasive more than once and I have occasionally lost my temper and got upset with a few users. I have been repeatedly stalked and harassed by more than one person here during my ongoing tenure. While most of these folks were eventually blocked indefinitely, there are other users that have been engaging in cyberstalking me both on and off Wiki. I tried protecting my user pages from vandalism, attacks and sockpuppetry, and that has worked with almost every case. However, some of these disruptive users over the years have not been content to sticking with the policies and guidelines, and have also taken it to multiple other social networking sites, forums and blogs to harass and insult me there. Sometimes, even normal issues that are still occurring on Wikipedia such as vandalism, disruptive editing, personal attacks, harassment, incivility, conflicts of interest, link spamming, wiki-lawyering, sockpuppetry, legal threats, violations of the biographies of living person policies or edit warring can be very overwhelming, and after a long time, it gets to be too much. Dealing with those issues can be both physically and emotionally draining at the same time, and some of them are just not something that I signed on to do here. Things can go from bad to worse at times, and this has led to very real concerns that users will no longer be content with the Internet activities and try to find ways to take it offline or even drive out productive editors. I took a temporary semi-retirement from Wikipedia back in August 2013 because of these issues as well, and that helped.

In the end, Wikipedia is not only just a website but also a free encyclopedia where anyone can edit collaboratively. It is also a fun place to work with, as long as we obey our policies and guidelines and concentrate on research and writing without being stressed out. However, my editing went down significantly during my academic studies. The real world can be stressful enough without having a hobby add to it eventually.

Nearly twelve years, over 80,000 edits to the project (about 73% to articles), 1 did you know, 44 good articles, 21 featured articles, created 36 articles, and numerous other articles significantly improved. All in all, it has been a good run so far. While I may regret some issues of the past, I don't regret the rest.

The Signpost
1 October 2018

My thoughts on today

I'm keeping myself quite busy with doing things related to music. Lord Sjones23 (talk - contributions) 07:23, 17 June 2018 (UTC)

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The current date and time is 17 October 2018 T 18:33 UTC.

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Soyuz MS-10 launch
Soyuz MS-10 launch

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Wikipedia contributions

Featured articles

Some mostly my work and others as part of a team:

Featured article star.svg Benjamin Britten
Featured article star.svg Final Fantasy VI
Featured article star.svg Final Fantasy VIII
Featured article star.svg Final Fantasy IX
Featured article star.svg Final Fantasy X
Featured article star.svg Final Fantasy X-2
Featured article star.svg Final Fantasy XI
Featured article star.svg Final Fantasy XII
Featured article star.svg Final Fantasy XIII
Featured article star.svg Final Fantasy XIII-2
Featured article star.svg Kingdom Hearts (video game)
Featured article star.svg Kingdom Hearts II
Featured article star.svg Naruto

Good articles

Some mostly my work and others as part of a team:

Symbol support vote.svg Captain America: The First Avenger
Symbol support vote.svg Final Fantasy IV
Symbol support vote.svg Final Fantasy VII
Symbol support vote.svg Iron Man 3
Symbol support vote.svg One Piece
Symbol support vote.svg Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937 film)
Symbol support vote.svg Spirited Away
Symbol support vote.svg Summer Wars
Symbol support vote.svg The Avengers (2012 film)
Symbol support vote.svg Thor (film)
Symbol support vote.svg Wheel of Fortune (U.S. game show)
Symbol support vote.svg Yuffie Kisaragi
Symbol support vote.svg Yuna (Final Fantasy)

Articles created



Article name Current rank Target rank Possible TFA Date TFA Rationale
Characters of Final Fantasy XIII C GA N/A N/A
Ludwig van Beethoven C Featured article FA December 17, 2020 250th anniversary of birth
Antonín Dvořák B Featured article FA May 1, 2019 115th anniversary of death
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006 film) C GA N/A N/A
The Price Is Right (U.S. game show) B GA N/A N/A
Valkyria Chronicles B Featured article FA N/A N/A
Rio (2011 film) C GA N/A N/A
Spirited Away GA Featured article FA N/A N/A
Arrietty C Featured article FA July 17, 2020 10th anniversary of premiere
Princess Mononoke C Featured article FA July 7, 2022 25th anniversary of premiere
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (film) GA Featured article FA March 11, 2019 35th anniversary of premiere
List of Fairy Tail characters B Featured list FL N/A N/A
From Up on Poppy Hill C Featured article FA N/A N/A
Krzysztof Penderecki B Featured article FA November 23, 2018 85th anniversary of birth
Giuseppe Verdi B Featured article FA October 9, 2018 205th anniversary of birth
Polish Requiem N/A Featured article FA September 28, 2019 35th anniversary of Stuttgart premiere
My Neighbor Totoro B Featured article FA N/A N/A
Castle in the Sky C Featured article FA N/A N/A
Ponyo C Featured article FA N/A N/A
Howl's Moving Castle (film) C Featured article FA September 5, 2019 15th anniversary of premiere
Porco Rosso Start Featured article FA N/A N/A
Kiki's Delivery Service B Featured article FA N/A N/A
Grave of the Fireflies C Featured article FA N/A N/A
List of Sailor Moon characters List Featured list FL N/A N/A
Sailor Moon C Featured article FA N/A N/A


Article name Current rank Target rank Possible TFA Date TFA Rationale
Monkey D. Luffy C GA N/A N/A
Studio Ghibli C Featured article FA N/A N/A
Academy Award B Featured article FA TBA TBA
Hector Berlioz B Featured article FA March 8, 2018 150th anniversary of death


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