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About me[edit]

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Pronouns: He/him (These are the only pronouns I will respond to)

For the record, I'm not royalty. Sk8erPrince is just a username that I've used on this site since 2012. I can't believe that I actually have to clarify this since it's very obvious that I lack royal heritage, but some know-it-all seems to like pointing out the sky is blue, so......

So anyway, I specialize in cleanup and article restoration/expansion. I am also known as the source digger. I will not hesitate to remove unsourced information, with the possibility of replacing them with reliable sources.

PS: I dislike any and all kinds of vandalism. This is one of the main reasons why I'm in the Counter-Vandalism Unit; to do my part as a contributor of this project by suppressing vandalism using Twinkle.


Resolved disputes[edit]

Content disputes[edit]

No additional voices in filmographies + the usage of tweets from pro VAs[edit]

Here is an RFC that brings the long debated topic of the exclusion of additional voices to a close. Additionally, there is now consensus that condones the usage of tweets from pro VAs IF there are no secondary sources that confirm their credits, such is the case with many Japanese video game dubs.

ADR acronym should not be written in full in ledes[edit]

See full discussion here. There is a consensus in not writting the ADR acronym in full.

Site-wide issues[edit]

Module:Citation/CS1 problems eliminated[edit]

This controversy is one that I'll never forget.