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Hi! My name is Simon. I live in Uppsala, Sweden. I am a psychologist. A big interest of mine is music; for a few examples of what I like, see The Magnetic Fields, Daniel Johnston, Sufjan Stevens, The Bear Quartet and Junior Boys. I also play guitar, synthesizer and saxophone in a band that does not yet deserve an article on Wikipedia.

I am (not very) active on both the English and the Swedish language versions of Wikipedia. My hope is to improve articles on psychology and psychotherapy (I started the psychology wiki-project), but to be honest, most of the time I tend to do other stuff. Just... stuff. Categorization, adding interwiki links, fixing little things here and there.

Another interest of mine is computer programming. Nowadays I mostly do little things in Python and JavaScript, but have also taken up programming for the GNOME platform. For Wikipedia, I created a script that generates RSS feeds for featured articles, picture of the day and selected anniversaries – see /Fafafa; unfortunately not running any more.

Feel free to edit this page and to write me a message.


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