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Ziteboard is a shareable virtual web whiteboard that loads right in your web browser. It's lightweight, html5 based, with real-time updates to your sketches, doesn’t require any installs or downloads. Sharable board links will remain permanent and always bring you back to your old whiteboard. Ziteboard's unique feature allows users to publish their boards to the web, post it on Facebook, so others can view without editing or collaborating. This is Ziteboard's presentation mode. The Mirror View option syncs not just the content of the board but the position of the canvas, so coworkers only see what your screen is currently looking at.

  • Shareable: you can share the whiteboard with other via the board link.
  • Virtual: replace the physical whiteboard or blackboard its online version. The boards are store in cloud servers.
  • Whiteboard: you can freestyle drawing, freehand drawing, sketch and doodle.
  • Load in your browser: all modern web browser is supported. At first visit, loading takes a little bit more time.
  • Lightweight: lack of useless feature, minimal user interface. Positive user experience at first time.
  • html5 based: Ziteboard is written in html5 + javascript. No dependencies, no install or download needed.

Ziteboard's unique feature is the powerful line smoothing and shape recognition. The smart algorithm makes easy how to draw a circle. Just draw a circle or rectangle and Ziteboard will instantly recognise your intention and smooth the edges of your shape. A WordPress plugin enables you to embed your published whiteboard into your own website. The Google Chrome Extension is popular on Chrome books, allow users to leverage the collaboration tool. Ziteboard is also available as a [rel=external white label service] to truly customize the platform to your team’s needs, and there is even an API in development to really take advantage of the platform.

More review is available on this blog.

Ziteboard offers to design any workflow, wireframe, prototype; explain, sketch, teach anything in teamwork. This visual collaboration platform enables remote teams, developers, designers do for meetings, project planning or customer communication. Image insertion by drag and drop to the canvas is a frequently used feature. After locking the PDF you inserted, you can annotate them, use them as blueprints or wireframes.