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Steve Karg[edit]

Steve Karg

I am a software engineer, electrical and electronic engineer, and a technical writer. I've been involved with computers since about 1980 when my dad brought home a book on the BASIC programming language. I proceeded to type programs on a manual Typewriter and longed for a real computer. In 1983, my high school got some TRS-80 Model III computers, and I learned to hack on them. I hacked the Tandy version of Space Invaders using the file debugger to modify some of the text in the game. I used to sneak into the high school computer lab during lunch and after school, and occasionally during other classes.

When I graduated from high school, I wanted to study computers, but thought that computer science would be too easy, and so I chose to study electrical engineering. I graduated from college in 1988 with a B.S.E.E. and a minor in Computer Science.

After working in the field of Electrical Engineering for a few years, I noticed that I really enjoyed engineering when I was writing software. I returned to school and studied Computer information systems at night while working during the day testing and installing the Denver International Airport People mover and the downtown Miami Metromover. I completed my Master of Science in 1996, and decided to pursue Software Engineering in the field of Embedded Systems as a full time career. I continued to work on People mover systems for Frankfurt International Airport, Denver International Airport, and Atlanta International Airport.

I moved to Conyers in 1997 and began working at Lithonia Lighting in the Lithonia Control Systems group. I eventually joined the BACnet committee after our Synergy lighting control system used BACnet as its networking protocol. The chair of the BACnet committee tagged me to lead the Lighting Applications working group in making BACnet better for lighting applications.

Family Life[edit]

I grew up in a family of nine children in Rockland, Pennsylvania. I attended Catholic school in nearby Oil City, Pennsylvania. I moved to Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania to attend Geneva College. Upon graduation in 1988, I moved to Niagara Falls, New York, to work at CarboSil. After a long winter, I moved to Bessemer, Alabama, to work at Alabama Silicon. I met the love of my life, Patricia, in Birmingham, Alabama on New Year's Eve in 1989. I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1992 to live with my aunt, uncle, and cousins after Alabama Silicon closed. I moved briefly to West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, after starting to work at AEG Westinghouse Transportation Systems, and then moved to Denver, Colorado, to work at getting the Denver International Airport ready for service. I returned to Hoover, Alabama, in 1993 to marry Patricia, and we both returned to Denver, Colorado. In 1995, our son Joshua was born. We moved to Hutchinson, Pennsylvania in 1995 to work from AEG Westinghouse Transportation Systems headquarters in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. In 1997, we moved to Conyers, Georgia to work for Lithonia Lighting. During our 10 years in Georgia, Mary, Anna, and Christopher were born. Mary died from Anencephaly in 1998. In 2007, we lived in San Marcos, California for 6 months while working for The WattStopper. We currently reside in Birmingham, Alabama.


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