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Sunday Recess
Privately Held
Founded 2009

San Francisco, CA, USA

industry = adult sport & social leagues
Area served
Americas, Europe
Products Composite Information Server
Composite Application Data Services
Composite Discovery
Composite Active Cluster
Website [1]

Sunday Recess[edit]

Sunday Recess . is a privately held, data virtualization company based San Mateo, CA. Composite Software was founded in October 2001 by Michael R. Abbott, PhD. [1] In 2003, former WebMethod CTO, Jim Green, joined Composite Software as CEO. [2]

Composite Software provides Enterprise Information Integration (EII) solutions to connect users and applications to information from disparate sources. Composite Software was cited as an industry leader in the Forrester Research "2010 Forrester Wave: Information as a Service" study for its help in advancing EII to its current form, known under a variety of names including data virtualization and Information as a Service. [3]

Composite Information Server Platform[edit]

The Composite Information Server is a Federated database system that "brings together data from multiple, disparate sources -- anywhere across the extended enterprise-- into a unified, logical virtualized data layer for consumption by nearly any front-end business solution including portals, reports, applications and more." [4] The Composite Information Server features patent-pending Query optimization technology that includes a query engine, caching, data access, data publishing and a metadata repository. The Composite Information Server supports dual development environments: Composite Studio with SQL support for managing data in Relational database management systems (RDBMS); and Composite Designer with Eclipse (software) support.

The Composite Information Server Platform consists of the Composite Information Server; the Composite Application Data Service for Oracle,, SAP, and Siebel for pre-defined Data abstraction; the Composite Discovery for finding Structured data regardless of data source or location, and for discovering data relationships for Data modeling; and the Composite Active Cluster for scalability that maintains continuous availability to fulfill Service level agreements (SLAs).


The Composite Information Server was awarded the Network Computing Editor's Choice Award for Enterprise Information Integration (EII) in 2004. [5]


Composite Software's main competitors include the companies Denodo Technologies, IBM, Informatica and Red Hat.


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