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Name: Skepticus. Naturally, I am a skeptic of most things, but this also means far out wacky stuffare looked at with one eye open and not dismissed outright. You never know. Homo Sapiens are truly illogical. ignorant, prejudice, arrogant, tyrannical, fanatical, biased, politically motivated, hormonally motivated species.

Birth: The 60s

Nationality: It depends on who you are asking.

Education: Duck herding

Pet: No pet - anything that has a will to move and procreate is free.

Favorite color: I don't know what you are talking about. Certainly my eyes don't filter them out of my dislike, and why limit your spectrum?

Profession: Senior Duck Herder.

Idols: None. The famous all have flaws. As a definition, idol don't have flaws.

Enemies: Who cares? You can't please everyone. And after you have pushed up grass, you wouldn't know that, would you?

Loved ones: Nothing lasts forever, not even love.