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Sketchee is a Wikipedian who happens to have a talk page! I have my website at with the full lowdown and highups.

Why be bold? That will result in more scrutiny of your changes and that is a good thing.

History is written by the winners. Especially on Wikipedia.
"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." - Albert Einstein

Wikipedia is addictive. There's so much information that still needs to be added here. Researching various topics for university assignments, I've found a quite few articles that are lacking in terms of an encyclopedia. There are also a lot that are really good. In the process we get to learn quite a bit about all kinds of subjects! As academic as a regular encyclopedia is, you know it's just not as fun!

There is no my in Wikipedia, only wi. (we ... hey it almost works!) Anyway, why do people put what they've done on their talk pages! Okay okay, I know why in reality, but for me I'd rather take all the blame and none of the credit. :) If you really want to know what I've edited see the mess at my user contributions. I do have my favorite articles listed so I admit I've probably messed with them a bit just because I like the subjects.

Feel free to respectfully and boldly edit my user page. Reviews on me or fixing typos, articles that you've seen me at, etc.

About me[edit]

Graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art in 2005 with concentrations in Art and Music Performance (Classical Piano). I've work as a graphic designer since 2000. Interests include art, design, classical music, pop culture, improv, and other.

I created the Uncanny Creativity podcast focusing tips to help the the creative process.

I'm a lifelong resident of Maryland currently living in the City of Baltimore.

Interests in Wikipedia[edit]

Must read[edit]

  • Wikipedia:Assume good faith
    • Because this will help so much in sticking with:
  • Wikipedia:No personal attacks
    • My take on this one: Avoid talking about a users' actions out of the context of Wikipedia. :) Rather than tell someone they are a "whiner", "troll" or a "vandal", redirect the conversation toward the article and respond to that part of their statements. Link them to the appropriate policy if necessary. If I'm the one you're having the problem with (I hope not :D), let me know on my talk page. (Personal attacks are foribidden on talk pages as well though so be kind!)
  • Wikipedia:The perfect article
    • It's just a good guide. :)


Note: Point to the information that your conclusions are based on! I can't see inside your head or live your life! Remember that concept when you're editing here in Wikipedia.

Remember, no one else in the world is you! Be proud of that. Should someone disagree, try to find the common ground and when there isn't common ground display both sides as much as possible. Let readers decide for themselves rather than just choosing one. The next person who comes along isn't going to want to be told what to think. Give people enough information to draw their own conclusions.

Arts & music[edit]

The arts and music sections are my main interests. The basics are already formed, but there are a lot of more specific niche areas that can be covered. Wikipedia allows for this kind of depth and I think it is needed.

For example, I've studied in African American art and African American music. Even some of the broadest tidbits of information on these subjects often completely missing here on Wikipedia. Even to the point where important figures of the Harlem renaissance are reduced to stubs! I'm filling the gaps as I research so some articles so I may find a tidbit that begins as a stub, when I come across it again in a text I'll expand. Probably when I come back to the stub, some other people have expanded on it My process is so far a lot like note taking except the notes are put onto the appropriate places. Sometimes I expand a single article and then fill in tangents like I do with the various composers like Maurice Ravel.

A lot of others are doing this too. I'm not protective of my edits. We're all counting on each other to fix errors. I'm only human. That's what we're all here for so everyone be prepared to resolve disagreements.

The state of the musical arenas in Wikipedia has such a strong systemic bias while missing many even famous and acclaimed composers, instrumentalists and vocalists!

Cultural Barnstar[edit]

The Cultural Barnstar

I would like to award you the Cultural Barnstar for your work on the Art Wikiportal -Maria N 16:03, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC)


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