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Contributions under this account are exclusively in my individual, personal capacity. I used to work for the Wikimedia Foundation from 2012-2015, and during that period tried to do all my work as a Foundation employee under the account m:User:S Page (WMF)

Personal details[edit]

I have excellent grammar and spelling skills (writing in the small), not so good on organization and layout (writing in the large), and substantial expertise on computers. I do some light correction as I come across bad pages and contribute to sections that don't reflect what I know.

I give Wikipedia $100 every year.

Semantic MediaWiki[edit]

I paid a lot of attention to the m:Semantic MediaWiki project and around version 0.4 joined as a developer, then more tester/writer/supporter. Check it out at This extension provides an easy way to add machine-readable "facts" to wiki pages, so you can query things like "Show the population and area of every country in Asia". It's a huge deal, wikia enabled the extension on some wikis. It's too heavyweight for Wikipedia, but Wikimedia is looking to implement something related, Wikidata.

If you need help sharing and organizing information within your company, you should contact me! I've worked with "Knowledge Bases" (Lotus Notes, Verity search of internal, technotes, Kanisa, etc.) for years and MediaWiki + Semantic MediaWiki is the best real-world implementation there is. My expertise, a spare PC, some excellent free software, and suddenly you've got the best information portal there is.

One Laptop Per Child[edit]

I bought an OLPC XO-1 laptop in their Give One Get One program in December 2007, started fixing, testing builds, etc. By a happy coincidence OLPC installed olpc:Semantic MediaWiki, so I helped the project use semantic features to track deployments, releases, test cases, etc.


Bugzilla: 37895 test, look for pe=1 , did gerrit I6ffb2e4357f52e9d4243676a1e83d1bfe29a87ab show up? what about new Gerrit?

Date of 2006-04-05 , does it get localized based on my prefs?

And 15 May, 2006 does not get recognized.

See my analysis of "transclusion parameters" on mw:User:Skierpage