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I find myself much happier keeping my online persona separate from my physical one because of my occupation. I'm a reporter in the "real world" and like to think that people can't detect my personal opinions in my written work and prefer to keep it that way. I worry that if I publicly throw my opinions around that people will start looking for them in my work, which I think would lead them to read it from a different voice than the one I write in. Basically if someone strives to write in an objective voice and is read in the context of their day to day subjective voice the opportunity for miscommunication between reader and writer would seemingly increase.

In any case I didn't like seeing my name in red so here we have arrived.

I believe in presenting reality in the most direct form possible and avoiding hyperbole, "telling people what's good for them at the expense of the 'truth,'" and other forms of well intended manipulation.

As a human and emotional being I fail in all these things from time to time and perhaps more often than most.

Also I appear to like describing myself in vague terms without giving any specifics.

I like learning and commenting/theorizing on the best way to help others learn or access information.

Finally I'm a know it all who knows nothing close to all and most obviously doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut even when its in his best interest or the interest of all to do so.

Skiingdemon (talk) 21:56, 27 August 2009 (UTC)