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You have probably reached this page in error.

This is my semi-private little page for maintaining a list of what Wiki-related sites I want to visit.

Just a quick note/disclaimer: if you've somehow reached this area and are thinking, "Hey! This isn't allowed!" I made sure to read over the subpages rules before creating this. It's somewhat related to one "allowed" type, but it's not explicitly stated; however, it in no way resembles an unallowed topic.


Other Cleanup-related Collaborations[edit]

Active Improvement Teams[edit]


Other Wikipedia-related collaborations[edit]

For infopg[edit]

Disambig cats[edit]

These cats are ones I particularly enjoy. These have children I've yet to explore. These are lists. These have no children.

Airport disambiguation
Disambiguation categories
Disambiguation pages with Chinese character titles
Disambiguation pages in need of cleanup
Disambiguation pages in need of being split
Educational institution disambiguation
Disambiguation containing homophones
Lists of ambiguous hospital names
Mathematical disambiguation
Disambiguation lists of mountains
Lists of ambiguous numbers
Place of worship disambiguation
Lists of political parties by generic name
Lists of roads sharing the same title
National Register of Historic Places disambiguation
Disambiguation and redirection templates
Articles with links needing disambiguation
Disambig-Class articles—i.e., articles that have been rated as "Disambig" in the Wikipedia 1.0 assessment (mostly thru WikiProjects)
upwards to Articles by quality
Redirect-class articles
Unassessed-Class articles
Stub-class articles
C-Class articles
B-Class articles
GA-Class articles
A-Class articles
FA-Class articles
Fish common name disambiguation
Lists of ambiguous human names
Ambiguous place names
Redirects from incomplete disambiguations
Redirects to disambiguation pages
Set indices
Vehicle disambiguations
WikiProject Disambiguation
Multiple-place names—since the dab template for places is used only if all the entries are places!
Links to disambiguating pages
Links to (disambiguation) pages


Cats I enjoy working in often[edit]

Archive requests
Lists of people

Admin cats[edit]

cats no more cats Been thru it completely cats I'd never visit again if it weren't for... WP-space good ref, but not a "fave" all to do with users need to visit again soon!!

Wikipedia adminship
Administrators' how-to guide
Administrators' reading list
Advice for new administrators
Former administrators ARBCOM, MEDCOM
List of administrators
Proposed adminship
RFA (Category)
Arguments to avoid in adminship discussions
RFA reform
What adminship is not
New admin school
Admin topics-related user subpages
Admin hopefuls, aka users who've added a UBX like {{someday}}
Wikipedia article assistance
User Advice Bureau (UAB)
Wikipedia article lists
Wikipedia basic information
Wikipedia blocking
Wikipedia bots
Wikipedia categorization
Wikipedia collaborations
Wikipedia content selection
Wikipedia copyright
Wikipedia culture
Wikipedia deletion
Disambiguation new tree!
Wikipedia disclaimers
Wikipedia discussion
Wikipedia dispute resolution
Lists of Wikipedia requests for comment
Wikipedia editing
Wikipedia editorial validation
Wikipedia essays
User essays
WP:NOT—the humourous edition.
Wikipedia functionaries
Wikipedia help
Wikipedia history
Wikipedia how-to
Image renaming
Inactive project pages
Wikipedia logs
Main Page
Wikipedia maintenance
Wikipedia media files
Meta duplicate pages
Move to Meta
Wikipedia multilingual coordination
Wikipedia news
Wikipedia noticeboards
Page protection
Wikipedia policies and guidelines
Wikipedia processes
Wikipedia publicity
Wikipedia redistribution
Wikipedia related projects
Wikipedia requests
Wikipedia sources
Wikipedia spam
Wikipedia statistics
Wikipedia templates
Wikipedia tools
Wikipedia user conduct
Wikipedia in the media
Requests for administrator attention
Community portal
Key policies and guidelines
Office actions
Policies and guidelines
List of shortcuts
Softwaresyntax highlighters available for vim, emacs, kate
WP's WikiNode

ALL CATS[edit]

Since categories can have multiple parents, I have placed them within what I consider to be the most logical parent!

dodger blue entries are categories.
italicized entries have been included in a different category (since cats can have multiple parents) but its inclusion in this area is vital to the category structure.
silver entries are boring cats that are there only because they are a parent of an interesting one.
brownish cats are ones that need frequent maintenance but I am not very interested in.
a strike means I have gone through that category and its subcategories and have no plans to revisit anytime soon!
"xxxxxx" categories have no subcategories (or no interesting ones, or ones that only have subcats that I've listed elsewhere); I've reached the bottom!
"pigment green" categories are on my to-do list.
eggplant entries are articles.
articles with ✓s are ones I have made a non-minor revision/addition to (i.e., I did more than just correct some grammar and/or add templates).
amythest articles are on my to-do list.
anything bolded is a fave! (unless they are at the "top level", as that's just how a definition list works).
anything "desaturated amber" is related to users.

Wikipedia featured content
Wikipedians in the Featured Article Drive
Wikipedia featured content contributors
Main topic classifications
Business – diffusion needed!
Occupations – diffusion needed!
Legal occupations – diffusion needed!
Image galleries
Drug-related lists
Complete lists
Health-related lists
History-related lists
Incomplete lists
Lists of lists
Lists of people
Philosophy-related lists
Lists of publications
Reference material lists
Science-related lists
Lists of unsolved problems
Wikipedia administration
Wikipedia help
Wikipedians -- get info about "no preference for specific English dialect"