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This article endeavours to list some notable people who have converted, or are believed to have converted, to Judaism. Their notability is based either on outside endeavors for otherwise famous people, or on circumstances which would make their conversion itself to be notable -- such as professional clergy from other religions. The article does not differentiate between the different branches of Judaism. See also Who is a Jew? on issues related to the acceptance of conversions throughout the Jewish community.

(A number of prominent figures, such as Madonna, have recently become followers of "new age" version of Kabbalah, derived from the body of Jewish mystical teaching also called Kabbalah, but do not consider themselves – and are not considered – Jewish.)

List of converts to Judaism from Christianity[edit]

Although some people notable for arts or sciences have happened to convert to Judaism, there is a small group of people who are notable because they have converted to Judaism: professional clergy from other religions. In some cases conversion meant persecution or even death. In other cases conversion simply meant a change in career.

Christian Proselyte Communities[edit]

Former Christian clergy and Christian theologians[edit]

Former Christian clergy and Christian theologians (1970s to present)[edit]

Of Jewish descent[edit]

This section is for people who had Jewish ancestry though not matrilineally as is required by Jewish law to be considered Jewish, and so converted to Judaism, to be recognized as Jews.

Other Christians who converted to Judaism[edit]

List of converts to Judaism not from Christianity[edit]

From Atheism or Agnosticism[edit]

  • Christian B. Anfinsen, Nobel prize-winning chemist (Orthodox Judaism)[119]
  • Will Herberg, known as a social philosopher and sociologist of religion, as well as a Jewish theologian, he is also former atheist and Marxist of Jewish ancestry who was raised atheist[120]
  • Benny Lévy - Philosopher and last personal secretary of Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Suzy Menkes, fashion journalist
  • Hilary Putnam - Philosopher raised in a Jewish-atheist home
  • Eliyahu Rips - he is a member of the Department of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Rips received the Erdős prize from the Israel Mathematical Society in 1979 and was a sectional speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 1994. He embraced Orthodox Judaism.
  • Mary Doria Russell[121]
  • Mare Winningham[122][123]

From Black Hebrew Israelitism[edit]

  • Eddie Butler, Israeli singer converted to Orthodox Judaism

From Buddhism[edit]

  • Yitzhak Fanger, a former Secular Jew, who was also a Buddhist Priest and Monk underwent the act of repentance and is now a Haredi rabbi.[124]

From Islam[edit]

From Paganism[edit]

From Samaritanism[edit]

From Shinto[edit]

Undetermined former religion[edit]

Converts who later left the faith or were expelled[edit]

See also[edit]


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