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Well, let me quote my (former) LiveJournal: "Welcome to Sky Harbor: a refuge from all of life's tortures, pains and sufferings." This may not be the band (where no article exists) or the airport, but the Wikipedian can surely do.

Anyway, I am Josh Lim (Chinese: 林孝勇; pinyin: Lín Xiàoyǒng), a student at the Ateneo de Manila University in Metro Manila, the Philippines, a proud Filipino by birth, a debater and, if a userbox existed for one, a nonconformist. I am from Quezon City, but consider Pittsburgh my adopted home. However, I am also a proud bearer of Filipino and U.S. citizenship, which makes me more or less a Filipino American. I am also fluent in English and Tagalog, with partial fluency in Spanish, Standard Chinese, Polish and Japanese, and as such is partly the reason why my user page is available in English and Tagalog.

I joined Wikipedia on April 7, 2005, and as a Wikipedian, I stand for what is right and what is the "middle way" between two extremes, something which I practice as a member of Filipino Wikipedia community, an administrator on the English Wikipedia, the Tagalog Wiktionary and the Tagalog Wikibooks (temporary), a bureaucrat on the Tagalog Wikipedia and, since April 12, 2010, a member of the Board of Trustees at Wikimedia Philippines, where I previously served as President and Vice-President, and currently as Secretary. I am an inclusivist as long as what is being included makes sense in the spirit of Wikipedia.

Well, enjoy the user page! You can leave a message if you want to, or you can continue browsing around.

To take note, the picture to the left is the picture of me speaking at the Wikimedia Conference 2013 in Milan (of course with a microphone), delivering the State of the Chapter presentation for Wikimedia Philippines..

Achievements and projects


In my over eight years of service to Wikipedia, I have been able to leave some achievements which I deem quite noteworthy. I am the prime proponent of elevating two articles: the Manila Light Rail Transit System and the Manila Metro Rail Transit System, to featured article status, as well as elevating Philippine National Railways to good article status (since demoted). I have also brought a few articles, like the Manila Grand Opera House, to the Did you know? column.

I also take responsibility for writing the vast majority of articles on Philippine banks and airports. Credit can also be attirbuted to me for authoring three Philippines-related image copyright tags: {{PD-Philippines}}, {{PD-PhilippinesPubDoc}}, and the controversial {{PD-PhilippinesGov}} (which we're fixing down at WMPH).

Those achievements have also enabled me to earn some barnstars and other awards in the process. If you want to have a peek, you can do so here.


I am the current Secretary (and former President and Vice-President) of Wikimedia Philippines (WMPH), the official Philippine chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, and I am hoping to get projects like the Tagalog Wikinews off the ground. I am also involved in English-to-Tagalog translation efforts, translating Wikipedia material from English to Tagalog and vice-versa, and I contribute several pictures to Wikimedia Commons.

With regard to articles, I am focused for the time being on elevating two articles—Iloilo International Airport (for the third time; it's repeatedly delayed, I'll admit, but at least it's a GA) and Grace Poe—to featured article status, getting List of airports in the Philippines to featured list status, and of course I intend to go back again to writing articles full-time within my free time. On the Tagalog Wikipedia, I'm currently participating in the Wikimedia Asia Cultural Content Exchange program. I also hope to begin recording articles for the Spoken Wikipedia WikiProject. :)

NEW: I hope to start, weather permitting, the Wikistreets Project, which will hopefully take quality photos of streets in the Philippines! :)


As part of efforts to bring efficient service to the visitor, I have compiled all my subpages here.



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