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PRT Networks[edit]

Location Status System Start
Guideway Stations /
Morgantown, West Virginia, USA Operational WVU PRT 1975[citation needed] 13.2 km[1] 5[1] / 72[citation needed] Capable of PRT-like operations, but generally not considered "true" PRT[citation needed]
London Heathrow Airport, UK Under Construction ULTra 2009[2] 3.8 km[2] 3 / 18[2] Will be the world's first true commercial PRT system, initially connecting Terminal 5 with a long-term car park. If successful, BAA plans to extend it throughout the airport.[2]
Masdar_City, Abu Dhabi, UAE Planned T.B.D. 2011 Empty citation (help)  33.1 km Empty citation (help)  83 / 2500[3]
Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK Planned T.B.D. 2012[4] 4.9 km[4] 5 / 25[4] Network is envisioned to ultimately expand to 55.3 km (34.4 mi) of guideway, and 500 vehicles.[4]
Santa Cruz, California, USA Proposed[5] T.B.D.
Bawadi, Dubai, UAE Proposed[6] T.B.D.
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