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Who I am[edit]

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Hi, I'm Nelson Pavlosky, a graduate of Swarthmore College and a law student at George Mason Law, but currently visiting at New York Law School and finishing my law degree there. I'm the co-founder of Students for Free Culture, an international student movement for free culture. You may have heard of me in connection with the Diebold memos, perhaps in this NY Times article. Free Culture Swarthmore (formerly the Swarthmore Coalition for the Digital Commons) was one of the first student groups to host the memos on its website, and I was a plaintiff in a precedent-setting lawsuit against Diebold. I also co-founded OpenHatch [1], an open source community aiming to help newcomers find their way into free software projects.

I spend most of my free time on my rock band, Wrong Side of Dawn [2].



Original articles[edit]

I originated the articles for:


Some of my pictures were added to Wikipedia by other people and placed in the following articles:

Where my username came from[edit]

If you're wondering where "Skyfaller" came from, it originates from A Dry, Quiet War, a novelette by Tony Daniel. Basically, it's a synonym for space marine, specifically a "drop trooper" much like the ones from Robert A. Heinlein's novel Starship Troopers. The difference is that the "skyfaller" from Tony Daniel's universe is a multi-dimensional being who has come back from the war at the end of time, and cannot be killed in any normal fashion; a skyfaller is not just a man in a powered suit. Check out this little poem from the story (it's admittedly a bit over the top):

The Skyfaller's Scream

They sucked down my heart
to a little black hole
You cannot stab me.
They wrote down my brain
on a hard knot of space,
You cannot turn me.
Icicle spike
from the eye of a star
I've come to kill you.

As you can see, this is a perfect username for playing online combat games :-) Ironically, I am a Quaker.

Articles related to classes I've taken[edit]

While studying I might make lists of e.g. legal cases related to classes that I am taking.